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Google launched a new top level domain yesterday

Early Access is underway.

The word .day in yellow text on a background with two shades of blue

What, you didn’t get in on the big landrush yesterday?

To little fanfare, Google launched the .day top level domain name yesterday in Early Access. That means, for an early bird premium, you can secure your .day domain to celebrate a day in the year. Yes, that’s where we are. We’re pitching domains to celebrate a single day.

Google has lined up some pioneers, including the World Wildlife Fund for wildlife.day and the NACCP for MLK.day. It’s also pitching the domain for branding: Felicia Day has felicia.day and FTD forwards valentines.day to its main website.

Early Access premiums are steep but drop each day. If you wait until the 6th day, you can expect to pay a premium of about $150 or so. Regular registrations open on Feb 1, and you can expect to pay $10-$15 per domain.

Something tells me this won’t be as big as Google’s popular strings, such as .app and .dev.

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  1. Vivek Goyal says

    This domain will be a good test of the maturity and the awareness of the gTLDs ( I don’t think they are new anymore) amongst the marketing fraternity. A TLD celebrating a single day has mostly limited use and will be primarily used for marketing campaigns. There will be some limited use for perpetual use (eg Holi.Day, TGIF.day, etc.). Hope to see some innovative uses of this TLD.

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