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Edibles.com owner files new lawsuit against Edible Arrangements

Owner of valuable Edibles.com domain name turns the tables on Edible Arrangements.

A screenshot of Edible Arrangements' website
The owner of Edibles.com is turning the table on Edible Arrangements.

In 2020, fruit basket seller Edible Arrangements filed a trademark lawsuit against World Media Group, LLC over the domain name Edibles.com.

Now, World Media Group is fighting back with a separate lawsuit.

World Media Group uses edibles.com for an app that provides nutrition information. It has a trademark for edibles for “Computer application software for mobile phones.”

In its lawsuit (pdf), World Media Group alleges that Edible Arrangements is infringing its trademark by offering its own mobile apps for Edible Arrangements.

Edible Arrangement’s original lawsuit was transferred from Georgia to New Jersey courts and hasn’t been resolved.

While it may seem that Edible Arrangement’s interest in Edibles.com was to protect its main brand, the timing is suspicious. At the time of the original lawsuit, Founder Tariq Farid was launching a new brand called Incredible Edibles to sell CBD products. In an interview with Forbes, he said the edibles name was becoming popular with marijuana products, and he saw an opportunity.

World Media Group filed its lawsuit yesterday, the same day that a mediation session between the two companies failed to result in an agreement.

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  1. Brad Mugford says

    Good. These Edible Arrangements clowns think they own the English language. No one else can possibly use the generic term “Edible” in their minds.

    I dealt with two different legal threats from them regarding “Edible” domains that had absolutely nothing to do with their brand.


  2. J.R. says

    Corporations suing each other over domain names seems to have increased lately. This is a good sign dot-Com prices are increasing and some legal decision is soon to give more protection to domain registrants.

    • BrandMasterFlash says

      Good point. And that’s what we (domain investors) need. Let these big corps stop chasing and fighting with us and let them fight each other to see how silly it is saying I can’t use a word. I’m not even trying to ‘own’ a word (I’m just selling words!). If they want it… Pay for it.

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