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Sports business personality sues rival for registering domain names

Joe Pomp sues podcaster who he alleges is forwarding domains to his competing website.

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Joe Pompliano, the publisher of a popular newsletter and podcast about sports business, has sued (pdf) a competing podcaster for cybersquatting.

Pompliano writes the popular Huddle Up newsletter and hosts a podcast called The Joe Pomp Show. He alleges that a competing podcaster registered joepompliano.com and joepomp.com and forwarded them to his website.

The domain names currently forward to TheGameplan.show, a podcast hosted by Jay Kapoor and Tim Katt. The lawsuit names Kapoor as a defendant. (I cannot confirm that Kapoor is the registrant for the domains because the domains have redacted Whois records.) The names were registered in January 2021.

Pompliano is asking for a preliminary and permanent injunction, damages, and the transfer of the domain names.

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  1. David Michaels says

    If only the defendant had spent $9999 to buy the .com version of his brand, he wouldn’t had to resort to trying to get some type-in traffic of his competitor’s name. You can’t waste advertising resources by using a .show domain name in the US.

    This case should settle quickly, if the parties are smart.

    The Joe Pomp’s attorney made a few mistakes in the filing. This is her second trademark matter. The first one was filed in 2011.

    ***NOTICE TO ATTORNEY REGARDING REMOVAL OF PARTY. Notice to attorney Hilary B. Miller. The following party/parties has been removed from this case: joepompliano.com, joepomp.com. The parties were added to the case in error. (pc)

    Filed: 2021-12-22

    ***NOTICE TO ATTORNEY REGARDING DEFICIENT PLEADING. Notice to Attorney Hilary B. Miller to RE-FILE Document No. 1 Complaint. The filing is deficient for the following reason(s): the wrong party/parties whom the pleading is against were selected;. Re-file the pleading using the event type Complaint found under the event list Complaints and Other Initiating Documents – attach the correct signed PDF – select the individually named filer/filers – select the individually named party/parties the pleading is against

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