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This week’s end user domain name sales

A healthcare company, an outsourced finance provider, and a real estate firm bought domain names.

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I had trouble finding end user sales in this week’s Sedo list. They’re there… it’s just that many have private Whois records and aren’t pointing to active sites yet.

But if you need ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts, I’ve got you covered. Check out HappyYak.com, which sold for $4,900. Those look like comfy hats and socks.

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

EUDA.com £15,000 – Kent Ridge Health is a healthcare company with an app called EUDA.

GoPlex.com $12,000 – PMML is a Canadian real estate firm. GoPlex is the name of its multifamily brokerage services.

SpaSynergy.com $6,888 – Spa Synergy, LLC is based in Louisiana. This seems to be affiliated with, or a franchise of, Planet Beach Spray & Spa.

Miete24.de €6,500 – Miete is German for rent. The domain forwards to a page on Printer4You.com that explains the benefits of renting printers and other office technology.

HappyYak.com $4,900 – Happy Yak is a brand of socks and hats made from yaks.

SohoCasino .com £ 4,500 – New World Gaming Ltd in the United Kingdom bought this domain.

Printe.de €4,500 – The domain forwards to the website for Nobis Printen, a cookie company.

NinjaBet .ru €3,020 – NinjaBet is a sports gambling site in Russia.

Acting.co $3,000 – Acting Finances is a finance and HR outsourcing company in France.

LiveKultur.de €2,990 – This domain forwards to deinetickets.de, a service that helps people sell event tickets. Kultur is German for culture.

GS-ICBC.com $2,311 – The Treadstone Group, a company that acquires domains on behalf of corporate clients, acquired this domain. ICBC is an insurance company.

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