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Aftermarket.com sells for $280k, Threat.com for $186,000 [Updated]

Thought Convergence auction brings in big bucks on its second day.

Update: after posting our story on Wednesday, NameJet and SnapNames announced that many of the auctions would be extended due to technical issues on its platform. It completed the auctions on Thursday, and this story reflects the updated prices.

The second day of the Thought Convergence auction at NameJet and SnapNames was a strong one.

Aftermarket.com met its reserve with a high bid of $280,001. This domain was used by Thought Convergence for its domain name marketplace many years ago. I think a domain service is the best and highest use for this domain, although it could also be used for aftermarket parts.

Threat.com met its reserve with a high bid of $186,000. It’s a great security domain. At this price, I wonder if it was a domain investor or an end user who bought it. It could realistically be either.

Other notable auction closings today include faithful.com for $69,828, idea.net for $18,000, stunts.com for $16,055, expiration.com for $15,506, and download.org for $10,001.

Note that I’m not tracking all of the Thought Convergence auctions, and these auctions have not necessarily been paid for.

The remainder of the auctions end tomorrow.

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  1. Jeremy says

    Did you mention that the Namejet website was down for most of the auction – from 3:45pm EST on today it was nearly impossible to get to the bidding pages. “Under maintenance” error messages were all you could see.

  2. Adam says

    This has to be re-do. The whole site has been absolute CRAP through the 2 days of auctions thus far. If they don’t re-do these it’ll be a travesty for the sellers.

    How old is the NJ site ? feels like a decade of the same old same old.

  3. Jeremy says

    Namejet should definitely redo today’s auctions. I personally was unable to access the bidding pages of specific auctions or the main My Auctions page and was unable to place any bids after approximately 3:45pm. Continual page loading, “under maintenance” messages, and the error page featuring that sketchy guy with green shades. Both desktop and mobile had issues preventing bidding after 3:45pm. Ammar lost out on literally five figures of bids from just my being unable to place bids alone, much less when you add up everyone else who couldn’t bid as a result of Namejet being down.

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