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Company plans international expansion with Scan.com

Buyer explains its ambitious plans for Scan.com.

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Last week, Andrew revealed that Idealab had sold Scan.com to a health tech company.

Idealab, notable for its valuable collection of domain names, has previously sold names such as Snap.com, Desktop.com, and Clothes.com, among others. Its most recent deal for Scan.com saw the domain transfer to an Escrow.com holding account, suggesting that the buyer is paying for the domain in installments.

That buyer has now provided more details about its plan for Scan.com.

The domain was acquired by National MRI Scan Ltd., a British company offering private diagnostic imaging services across the UK.

Since launching in 2017, the company has bootstrapped its way to seven figures in revenue by becoming a popular service for anyone wanting to skip the often long waiting periods for a medical scan within the UK’s NHS (National Health Service). Impressively, the founders built the business alongside full-time careers, until September 2021 when they made National MRI their full-time occupation.

Now, Scan.com reflects the company’s next ambitious steps.

According to National MRI’s CEO Charlie Bullock, Scan.com is the foundation for the company’s move into the American market.

Launching in 2022, Scan.com will offer a diagnostic imaging platform for clients in the USA and Germany. Services for both of these countries will be accessible via Scan.com. Bullock also revealed that his original UK business, which has been operating on NationalMRIScan.com, will also be consolidated to the Scan.com domain, operating on Scan.com/uk.

The company will adopt blockchain technology in order to automatically verify the eligibility of patients in real-time and connect them with a local provider. Scan.com’s platform will have some innovative ways of allowing patients to compare service pricing.

National MRI’s newest endeavor comes off the back of a $2.5 million seed round. Securing a significant amount of funding is often the catalyst for a domain name acquisition, something we’ve seen many times before.

Among National MRI’s investors is Pipe CEO Harry Hurst. Hurst is a domain name evangelist, describing one-word .com domain names as the “holy grail” of domain names. Hurst’s startup, Pipe, owns Pipe.com. Given Hurst’s involvement with National MRI, it’s possible that he helped the company to see the value in what the domain name could bring to the company.

National MRI’s acquisition of Scan.com will certainly help with the company’s ambitions of becoming an international category leader.

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