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Threat.com hits reserve in busy auction week

Major auction concludes on NameJet and SnapNames this week.

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Thought Convergence’s domain portfolio is being auctioned off this week on NameJet and SnapNames, and some of the top domains are destined to sell.

Of the domains I’m tracking, threat.com is the top domain to hit its reserve. The domain is currently at $53,500 with 127 bidders.

Aftermarket.com has a $130,000 bid, but this is below the reserve range of somewhere below $250,000. Aftermarket.com was the brand name for Thought Convergence’s domain aftermarket. The company sold the technology to Igloo in 2014 but retained the domain name. Thought Convergence acquired this domain in 2008 for $125,000.

I’m not tracking in the beer.com lot, which has a reserve of over $1 million.

Other great domains on the auction block include trainer.com, nonstop.com, operate.com, and caddy.com.

Bidders needed to backorder the domains in order to participate in the auctions, which will begin closing tomorrow afternoon.

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