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Inside a domain development deal – DNW Podcast #366

A successful domain development deal can take time, money, and forethought.

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A lot of domain investors talk about developing their domains, but what actually goes into it? On today’s show, I talk to two people who partnered to develop LosAngelesDUIAttorney.com. Braden Pollock teamed up with SEO expert Jason Hennessey to build the site, and then Braden sold his half of the partnership to attorney Michael Simmrin in a deal that valued the site at $850k. Michael joins as my third guest. It sounds simple, but a lot of money and time went into it. Understand how it all came about and some lessons you should consider if you want to develop one of your domains into a website.

Also: Meta vs. verse, Square is now Block, .xyz, Idealab, major portfolio auction and more.

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  1. Steve

    Oops. Just visited their site, and — though it states at the bottom of the home page “Just fill out the form below and an experienced lawyer will contact you to review your case.” — no form is visible (at least with my browser).

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