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Expired Domains (part two) – DNW Podcast #365

Expired domain tips and tricks, part 2.

Graphic with the words Expired Domains part 2 with Bill Sweetman

This is the second podcast in a series about expired domains. Last week, Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja explained how to monitor domains and place backorders. This week, we dig into auction bidding strategy and mechanics, and what to do after you win a domain. There are some great tips here for domain investors. Enjoy the show!

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  1. Nick

    People have a lot of time to waste. I just place a bid for a few hundred, then when i get an outbid alert I just raise it a few hundred more. Then repeat. The people that do the prolong auction game have no effect on me cause i don’t care if it’s hours between my bids. Why would i, it takes seconds to bid.

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