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GoDaddy files new patent for “recommending domains from free text”

Patent describes a way to suggest domains based on user-supplied text.

Graphic from GoDaddy patent application shows company data with suggested domain names
A figure from GoDaddy’s patent application shows suggested domains based on text input.

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) has filed a patent application (pdf) for Recommending Domains from Free Text.

The company filed a similar application in 2018 but abandoned it. The new application is a continuation of that application.

The basic idea is that a system can suggest domain names based on free form text. One way to do this is to analyze documents for keywords. In practice, it seems that GoDaddy’s idea would suggest domain names based on text a user inputs when creating a website. For example, it could analyze the “about us” section of a website and suggest domains based on the text.

This excerpt from the application sums it up well:

Once the user hosting account is established, the user may upload the files to the repository, or otherwise transfer the files through the network for storage. The disclosed system may then use the provided user input, and/or content within the provided files, to automatically identify the main concept from a collection of identified keyword within the rich amount of text contents, while eliminating other irrelevant concepts. These irrelevant concepts may include, as non-limiting examples, stop words, grammatically incorrect phrases, and terms or phrases common to all websites (e.g., “about us”).

Thus, the disclosed system determines how to generate meaningful domain name recommendations based on relevant concepts, which also remove irrelevant keywords or phrases, thereby providing one or more domain names that are shorter and easier for the user to remember.

GoDaddy filed the new application on December 18, 2020, and the US Patent and Trademark Office published it today.

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