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Patsy Cline domain name lawsuit settled

The domain was likely transferred to Patsy Cline Enterprises as part of the settlement.

Image of Patsy Cline's greatest hits album cover

Patsy Cline Enterprises, LLC has settled a lawsuit it brought against the registrant of PatsyCline.com.

The company, which manages the late singer’s intellectual property, filed a lawsuit against Visual Link Internet in July. It claimed that Visual Link was violating the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

There’s a long history between Patsy Cline Enterprises, Visual Link, and the latter company’s owner, Mark Bayliss. Bayliss claimed to have turned down a $50,000 offer for the domain. The estate then made a $5,000 offer through a third-party service to buy the domain. When Bayliss rejected the offer, Patsy Cline Enterprises sent Visual Link an invoice for $87,500, saying it was the annual licensing fee for his use of Cline’s name, image and likeness. Later, Bayliss told Patsy Cline Enterprises that another party controlled the site’s content.

While the settlement details aren’t public, PatsyCline.com has transferred from Visual Link’s name to a Domains By Proxy account. It also moved from GoDaddy’s Wild West Domains to the main GoDaddy registrar and was renewed for 10 years. The domain doesn’t resolve yet, but I suspect Visual Link handed over the domain.

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