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GoDaddy domain investor update – DNW Podcast #360

What’s happening and what’s in the works for domain investors.

Photo of Paul Nicks with the words "GoDaddy domain investor update"

GoDaddy plays an important role in the domain name aftermarket. On today’s show, GoDaddy VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks provides updates on what’s going on at GoDaddy for domain investors: the Uniregistry transition, Buy Now page results, Closeout pricing change results, and more. He also talks about what the company is doing to improve platform performance.

Also: .au domains, Portugal.com, and a Pocketbook.com update

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  1. Don says

    I bet you dan.com won’t charge a customer 129 or $200 plus 20 commission just to start a conversation with domain owners property. I got 700 names and they will be going to dan once that registrar is up. A fair company would split this fee or give option to owner to put on or take off.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      There are a lot of valid criticisms of GoDaddy, but I’m not sure that this is one. As long as you’ve listed your domains for sale with GoDaddy, customers don’t have to pay anything to buy it. And if you put a floor price, they don’t have to pay anything to make an offer. It’s only if the domains isn’t listed or if they want to hire a GoDaddy rep that they have to pay this amount. And frankly, I love that a customer has put some skin in the game before contacting me.

      • Don says

        Let me clarity, if I don’t have my own name for sale with godaddy and it is just registered with them like say dnw.com is they will still charge someone trying to buy the name $99 and 15-20% commission.

        So I already have it registered with them, but not listed for sale why should they make the money and get the lead. To be fair name cheap charges 199. You’re giving up data and the lifetime lead to godaddy and NC. It’s not yours. That lifeteam lead is worth money$$.

        Just my opinion I am sure others don’t care giving 20% of paycheck away. And people always say the client pays for the 20%, True but that 20% could be yours.

        • Andrew Allemann says

          Thanks for clarifying. I guess I don’t understand how this is different anywhere else. The buyer can contact you via Whois (or the contact form on GoDaddy’s whois), or they can hire someone to help acquire it. If they hire someone, they’re going to have to pay.

  2. gary says

    Maybe it is listed for sale…but in the pending review status. The longer it is in pending review status…the longer they have to charge a high fee for initiating a conversation.Just thinking out loud. DomainNameWire is great!

  3. Adam says

    Hi Paul,
    Why is the GoDaddy appraisal tool not being updated and only using sales data up to 2019? Are there plans to replace or update it? Thanks.

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