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18 recent end user domain name sales

An appliance retailer, a waster transport company and “the Pet Guy” bought domains.

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There were no major public sales at Sedo this past week, but still a nice collection of end user domain sales.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Reconomia.com $15,000 – Reconomia is a refurbished appliance company that uses the domain reconomia.fr.

Plerion.com $11,000 – Plerion is a new business that says it is “The Building Blocks for Modern Security Teams.”

NewHomeCenter.com $9,500 – NewHomes.io connects people to Central California home builders.

WeSang.com $7,500 – Delivery Hero Korea LLC is a delivery platform that is being acquired. This might be part of a rebranding or new service.

HRautomation.com €6,500  – This is an exact match descriptive domain for RampUP SAS, a French firm with an HR automation platform called Axel. It forwards this domain to HeyAxel.com.

PupPub.com $6,488 – Jeff Seidenfaden, “the Pet Guy,” bought this clever domain.

Driverfy.com $5,500 – Track 5 Media creates job sites. I suspect this is tied to truck driving; the company has a site called All Truck Jobs.

ShibaSwap.net $4,900 – This domain is used for the Shiba Token cryptocurrency.

S-Fin.com $4,500 – SFin – smart investieren GmbH is a German real estate firm.

BikeLift.de €3,600 – This domain forwards to the site for Biohort, which sells storage devices for bikes.

ACCshop.com $2,500  – Hydrosystems SRL is a water transport systems business. I’m not sure what it will use this domain for.

MoldLink.com €2,200 – i-mold GmbH & Co. KG offers solutions for injection molding tools.

Lend.ly $4,500 – Lendly, LLC offers loans online. It uses the domain GetLendly.com.

Rhomberg-Reisen.at €3,000 – Rhomberg Reisen GmbH is a travel company that uses the matching .com domain name.

GoodMorning.io €2,899 – Attendware uses the domain Attend.com. I’m not sure what this domain is for.

NursingTheory.org $2,995 – SSC is a nursing company in Wyoming.

GameInside .com $2,203 – The buyer is setting up an online game site.

HuxHealth.com €2,000 – A landing page says Hux will be “Your daily edge for modern life” and will sell products.

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