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Managing DNS abuse – DNW Podcast #359

Tucows CEO Elliot Noss talks about the company’s new initiative.

Picture of Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows with the words "Managing DNS Abuse"

A lot of good comes from the internet. So does a lot of bad: phishing, spam, explicit child material, etc. On today’s show, Tucows CEO Elliot Noss shares an initiative his company is undertaking to raise awareness and formulate how Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX) responds to abuse connected to domains registered through Tucows and its resellers. Domain registrars are just one part of the internet, but they can play an important role.

Also: EU headaches, OpenSea, Sav milestone and more

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  1. rubensk says

    What compromised the security industry is that they stopped selling services to the IT/InfoSec areas of their clients and start selling them to the IP areas. It’s a very unfortunate turn of events,

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