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End user domain name sales up to $160,000

A playground equipment manufacturer, a hotelier and a dating site bought domain names.

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The top sale on this week’s list is one from a couple of weeks ago that we now know who bought it. Overall, Sedo’s top sale this week was eth.website. The buyer is not yet known.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that were recently completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Fume .com $160,000 – This sale is from a couple of weeks ago and now we know the buyer: Fume is a vape company that changes its web address from OfficialFume .com to Fume .com.

SkilledTradesOntario.ca $17,500 – Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario, Treasury Board Secretariat. In other words, the government bought this domain.

Cemer.com $10,010 – Cemer sells playground structures. This is an upgrade from the Turkish ccTLD cemer.com.tr.

Inbox.org €8,000 – This forwards to inbox.de, which is an email provider.

SportDeal.de €7,500 – SportDeal is a website selling sporting goods.

Regensburger-zeitung.de €7,500 – This domain forwards to idowa.de/regensburg, a section of news site idowa.com dedicated to the city of Regensburg.

Hofmanns.de €7,304 – Hofmann Swiss Prime Menue AG is a food company.

Goldvorsorge.com $4,500 – Goldvorsorge SOOS is a bullion trading, storage and logistics company. It uses the matching .at domain name.

FinancialProfessionals.com $4,406 – Association for Financial Professionals is a trade organization for people in finance industries.

MightyCollective.com $3,995 – Mighty Operations LLC is associated with entrepreneur and podcast host Daniel Scrivner.

NHPro.com $2,999 – NH Hoteles S.A. is a multinational hotel group based in Madrid.

Aiio.de €2,995 – This domain resolves to a page with a strange graphic and the words “Baustelle” and “T-500”.

SwissFruits.ch €2,990 – Schweizer Obstverband bought this domain and forwards it to SwissFruit.ch (singular). It’s a site promoting Swiss fruits.

Couple .eu €2,990 – Couple .com bought this domain and forwards it to its main website.

Posters.es €2,600 – This is a poster website affiliated with Posters.cz.

MPU-karlsruhe.de €2,200 – Dr. Grieser, a psychotherapist, bought this domain. MPU stands for medical-psychological examination, and the site is about examinations after drunk driving.

TheOaks.uk £2,000 – The Oaks is a whimsical treehouse set in a private 8-acre estate near Oxford. It holds charity fundraising events and events for children with congenital anaemias.

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  1. thelegendaryjp says

    “SkilledTradesOntario.ca $17,500 – Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario, Treasury Board Secretariat. In other words, the government bought this domain.”

    Great I bought a domain and didn’t even know it. literally more waste of tax payer dollars considering the quality.

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