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KeyState Holdings plays whac-a-mole with fraudsters’ domains

After taking down one fraudulent site, financial firm goes after another.

Picture of a whac-a-mole carnival game with two hammers and multiple holes
Key Holdings took down one website, only for fraudsters to use another similar domain.

Financial services firm KeyState Holdings, LLC has filed a second lawsuit to take down a domain name that fraudsters are using to dupe people into sending money.

In July, the firm filed a lawsuit and requested a temporary restraining order (TRO) against KeyStateHoldings(.)com after a KeyState customer told it that it lost $231,000 through a fraud perpetrated on the site. The judge granted the TRO.

Now, KeyState has filed an in rem lawsuit (pdf) against the domain KeyState(.)holdings, which the company says is perpetrating a similar fraud. Similar to the first case, the fraudster copied the “real” KeyState’s physical address and Nevada IDs and included them on the fake website.

KeyState says a defrauded consumer contacted it on September 1, saying he had lost $1,000 through the fake site. Someone contacted this consumer via Telegram to get him to invest money and apparently pretended to be both KeyState and cryptocurrency company Coinbase.

The real KeyState Holdings uses the domain Key-State.com.

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    • C.S. Watch says

      En serio. Intuitive dotcom or rename for ten bucks or drown yourself in a sack. You can bawl about customer security and marketing wins until you faint onto the keyboard, some people just won’t get it. If somebody can’t stop clutching their pearls and hissing from a corner long enough to uptake any news that isn’t a warm tummy rub, you know they’re going to fail at whatever they’re doing anyway.

      ‘I’m hurt real bad, I think I’m dying.’
      ‘Continue dying. Out.’

  1. Vivek Goyal says

    Brand protection(online) is a joint effort between the BrandTeam, the Intellectual Property team and the IT team. When even one team is missing from this trifecta, it will lead to disaster. Specially if brand protection is left to lawyers…..to the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

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