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What domains can you sell to the most global country in the world?

Kassey Lee examines what types of domains appeal to Chinese companies.

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By at least one important measure, China has become the most global country in the world. The big picture can help you see what domains Chinese companies will likely buy.

We tend to believe that the U.S. is the most global country in the world. After all, it was the main driver behind the formation of many international organizations such as World Trade Organization, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund after the Second World War. However, things have changed.

According to a recent story on China by The Economist, “The country has some 3,400 multinationals, almost as many as America and western Europe combined.” Read that again. China is being compared with not just one but two major economies globally, and it still wins. The difference is huge.

As China produces the largest number of global companies, let’s think about what this means for the domain market. Founders of Chinese startups with global vision will likely consider English-based brands because English is the global language. Since .com is the de facto global extension, brand-matching English-based .com domains will become very popular with these companies.

This is already evident in my research of the Chinese domain market. For example, English-based .com domains are top choices by Fortunate China 100 companies and China’s Top 100 internet companies.

So, if you own English-based .com domains, there are opportunities to sell them to Chinese companies. Just make sure you list your domains at a marketplace with retail outlets in China.

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  1. fizz says

    Hi Kassey Lee, I really appreciate reading your articles that focus on domains from a China perspective.
    It really is a market that we haven’t seen the full potential of and your articles help to throw a spotlight on that.
    With regards to ensuring English-based .com domains for sale are visible to Chinese end-user buyers, would you kindly list a few marketplaces that have retail outlets in China.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jeff Schneider says

      Hello Squarely,
      We have NO interest in TROLLS find another thread to spread your poison.

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