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Finding meaning in three number domains

Three number domains can have a meaning.

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A reader wanted to know what 3N domains are meaningful in Chinese, so I decided to go one step further and add a touch of romance. I did some research and compiled the following list of numbers related to this very important aspect of human relationships.

Number Chinese Pinyin Meaning
095 你找我 Ni Zhao Wo You’ve looking for me?
132 一生爱 Yi Sheng Ai Love for a lifetime
147 一世情 Yi Shi Qing Affection for a lifetime
230 爱上你 Ai Shang Ni Fall in love with you
240 爱死你 Ai Si Ni Crazily in love with you
296 爱走了 Ai Zou Le Love is gone
456 是我啦 Shi Wo La It’s me!
520 我爱你 Wo Ai Ni I love you
521 我愿意 Wo Yuan Yi I’m willing
530 我想你 Wo Xiang Ni I’m thinking of you
587 我抱歉 Wo Bao Qian I’m sorry
596 我走了 Wo Zou Le I’m leaving
770 亲亲你 Qin Qin Ni Kiss you
880 抱抱你 Bao Bao Ni Hug you
886 拜拜喽 Bai Bai Lou Bye bye
918 加油吧 Jia You Ba Keep it up
920 就爱你 Jiu Ai Ni Just love you
992 久久爱 Jiu Jiu Ai Love for a long time
995 救救我 Jiu Jiu Wo Help me

Go ahead and create your domain world of romance. Just remember one thing. Numeric domains have no intrinsic meanings. They become meaningless outside China because of the Chinese language dependency.

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    • Kassey Lee says

      Michel, not any good one that I know. Of course, 240 has been explained in the article. The longer the number, the hard to find something to rhyme with it.

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