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Consider hold time when evaluating your domain investment returns

Your annualized rate of return might not be as good as you think.

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Yesterday I highlighted some domain name sales from 2004 that seem like incredible bargains today. I also pointed out that, in order to get a 10% annualized return on something you bought for $25,000 17 years ago, you’d need to pocket about $125,000 today.

Many domainers overlook their holding period when considering gains. They just think, “I paid Y and sold for Y times X, so it was a good investment”.

Let’s consider annualized returns for an asset you acquired for $10,000 17 years ago. Here’s how much you’d need to sell the asset for 17 years later to get these annualized returns:

5% $22,920

10% $50,545

15% $107,613

20% $221,861

If you invested in the S&P 500 in January 2004,  your annualized return, including reinvested dividends, would be nearly 10% and your total return would be over 400%. The stock market got pummeled a couple of years later but has rebound nicely since then.

And had you invested in Amazon.com at the beginning of 2004, your annualized return would be about 27%.

Sure, plenty of investments have gone down since 2004. But comparing investments to major stock indexes, where most people put their investment money, makes a lot of sense. Investing in alternative assets makes sense, but take the time to look at your investment returns compared to more traditional investments.


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  1. Adam says

    Who is counting ? Mike Mann just tweeted today that domains have doubled in value over the mass several years. Cool .

    • Snoopy says

      If you look at actual reported sales it is far lower than than. Maybe 25% increase over the last 5 years.

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