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ICANN to terminate Pheenix domain registrar

This Phoenix won’t rise from the dead.

Black background with red block letters stating "Pheenix Terminated"

ICANN is terminating its accreditation agreement with domain name registrar Pheenix.

The domain name overseer sent a breach notice to the registrar on April 25 and followed up with a termination notice today.

Pheenix hasn’t been paying its accreditation fees and hasn’t responded to ICANN about various complaints dating to October 2019.

ICANN is soliciting bids for other domain name registrars to take over Pheenix’s domain names.

Pheenix was once a large drop catching business and had about 500 accreditations. In the most recent Verisign report published by ICANN, Pheenix had about 5,000 .com domains remaining under management.

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  1. Samer says

    Meanwhile, is the owner dead? Not a joke.
    Coincidentally, FreshDrop.com is offline

    He doesnt respond to any and all inquiries. If important to get a reply; insist over Zoom. Where are you?


  2. Mike says

    There was rumors that insider was pushing up bids, most likely many overpaid by standards back then, but not present day.

  3. Drew Platt says

    This prick Tan Tran used to regularly attend TRAFFIC conferences.

    Worthless SCUMBAG!!!

    His photos are on the web

  4. Bikis Dikis says

    What ever that registrar’s so called complaints are or were should have been taken care of dispute ——-> ICANN. If these complaints were valid however, ICANN the “CHAIR” and their gangster monopoly on domains.

    I can’t believe you all are so quick to bash Pheenix. Perhaps they are crooks and I am sure they may be. What about Godaddy. In front of my eyes robbed me of over 147k in domains (according to their appraisal engine). Please doubt my words. Just tell me where to send the my screen shots with the ready to add to cart domains, the Chinese dummy webpages and shots of them not getting the Whois quite right.

    Does anyone remember when domains all were a fixed price?

    I’m sure all you domain resellers are just doing what you do and I myself am also a reseller and I thought watching over the year’s that some action would be taken to help the small guy. It seems nobody cares about the little guy but me and a few close friends.

    This is all your getting ICANN so sponge up all of that worthless paper you can because soon my friends, phrases like Premium Domain will be a thing of the past.

  5. Kate says

    I am surprised that Icann has tolerated non-payment of fees for so long. They usually terminate registrars faster than that.

    • snotts says

      big wigs prolly too busy taking their expensive worldwide vacations to remember to pull the plug on fee-evaders

  6. hercmagnus says

    So how do I get my 56 domains transferred? I’ve sent multiple support tickets to ICANN and no response.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      They’re going to find another registrar to take over the domains. Once that happens, you’ll get access to the domains and presumably be able to transfer them, although there might be a 60 day lock.

  7. Lucas Law says

    Phew! Good thing I transferred all of my domains out of that register, the minute things started to look sketchy

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