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Registering NFT domains? Skip the trademarks

Companies are filing cybersquatting disputes against people who register domains including their brands and NFT.

Image of digital artwork with NFT letters standing for non-fungible token

As the NFT (non-fungible token) craze continues, it’s not surprising that domain name investors are registering NFT-related domain names. Some are profiting nicely with hand-registered NFT-related domains, too.

But people should mind the line between being a domain investor and a cybersquatter. It might be tempting to register a domain name that includes a famous trademark and NFT. Don’t do it.

National Arbitration Forum handed down a decision today against Joseph Masci, who registered the domain NFTMorganStanley .com. It’s the third UDRP I’m aware of involving trademarked brands and NFTs. Two other cases are pending; one for GEICONFT .com and one for ComericaNFT .com and ComericaBankNFT .com.

So if you think there’s money in NFT-related domains, go for it. Just make sure not to cross the line.

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  1. Bul says

    Yeah it gets old how people do it. You got my attention as I have a few NFT related domains registered (no cybersquatting) such as nftlabs.com, nfttrades.com, nftmkt.com and more before the market heated up. Actually, I partnered up with this game cards guy to develop a business and he turned out to be the worst businessman in the world.

    But I did understand the market well enough so I bought a few of those. Its kind of crazy how much interest people have in these domains. They are much popular than my cryptopunk NFT collection that nobody ever cared to buy back from me for a small percentage of what I paid for.

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