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GoDaddy to close Scottsdale office and move HQ to Tempe as work goes remote

Company shifts to new working environment.

GoDaddy logo showing the heart-shaped design

GoDaddy (NYS: GDDY) is closing its Scottsdale headquarters as it consolidates offices in Arizona. It will transfer employees in the Scottsdale office to its new headquarters in Tempe and its Gilbert office.

The change does not involve any reduction to GoDaddy’s Arizona employee roles and the company stresses that it’s actively hiring in the area.

GoDaddy says it’s making the move because it anticipates a hybrid work model in the future. The company says it’s moving to a “Hub-Club-Home” model where some employees work full-time in an office (Hub), some work part of the week in an office (Club), and others will work exclusively from home.

In a statement, Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy’s Vice President of Global Real Estate, said:

We are moving into a new era of work, as people generally desire more work flexibility. As part of our new, hybrid work model, we understand our offices will be used less, but with more intentionality – to meet, collaborate and connect with one another. The office will continue to be an essential place for our people to come together. We are proud of our strong presence in Arizona and will continue to invest in our people and workplaces.”

The move will begin in May and should conclude by the end of July.

GoDaddy expects to begin to reopen its Arizona offices later his year, starting on a voluntary basis.

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  1. Josh says

    2 hours to get support waiting on the phone and no answer. Another hour waiting in chat. Moved my domains. Deadbeat company pretending to be something it is not. Sold out its customers long ago but the rot will be felt for years to come.

    true story brah ^

    • Mark Thorpe says

      Customer service is so bad now. Can’t email Customer Service Department anymore, can’t email domain transfer department either, can’t email Websites + Marketing department as well and so on.
      No paper trail, no accountability!

      Most of the time my account representative Adam does not reply to my emails either.

      Gong Show!

  2. Lifesavings says

    Yea, I wasn’t silent about them taking up space in the Cayman islands.

    It won’t surprise me to see them move totally out of the USA in the future.

    They don’t NEED to stay in the USA But, signs keep showing me their intentions. – to move to less restrictive areas / tax havens, not to mention the long arm of the law here in the USA. Many people keen on DNS could speak clearly and cry foul to some business practices, and them being outside the USA could cause them problems, should it turn out they get called a ‘monopoly’ or worse.

    I’m sure their legal team has their hands full with all kinds of stuff. Legitimate and BS too. Lots of $ to defend in this country.

    I know I’m a cynic. But this is the way of the world, build your brand in America then move out.

    Time will tell.

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