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ICANN sends breach notice to Pheenix

Domain name registrar has gone M.I.A.

The words "Breach Notice" in red block letters on black background

ICANN has sent a breach notice (pdf) to domain name registrar Pheenix, giving it until May 14 to shape up or face losing its accreditation.

Pheenix was a popular registrar for domain name investors because of a drop catching service it ran. But customers have complained that they can’t get in touch with anyone from the registrar and cannot transfer out their domains.

ICANN cites several infractions:

  1. Not making registration data available upon request by ICANN
  2. Not providing Whois data in the correct format
  3. Not paying its accreditation fees

The organization also cites several examples of Pheenix ignoring customer requests. It’s not responding to ICANN either, and the phone number ICANN has on file is apparently not working.

It’s rather stunning that ICANN hasn’t taken action sooner. According to the letter, ICANN has been trying to contact the registrar about various issues since October 2019 but hasn’t heard from the registrar.

In other words, the whole thing is a clusterf*ck.

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  1. Samer says

    Took them long enough.

    Read the NP thread. Even by today’s standards, horrifying nightmare every way. Even withdrawing makes me feel like i’m dealing with OneCoin lol (Cryptocurrency Jk

    The Owner continues to be MIA.
    Incidently, the owner of Pheenix owns FreshDrop, which is also “going to hell.”

    At this point, i worry for this guy’s safety.
    Simply vanished of lf the face off the Earth, while FreshDrop, and Pheenix go downhill.

    Not surprising. Looks like a complete exit. The only surprise he didnt sell Pheenix, before it came to this. Search “gorilla_bob” Namepros; owner of FreshDrop & Pheenix;


  2. David Michaels says

    Pheenix’s SSL certificate is also expired. Maybe Tan Tran succumbed to COVID.

    He didn’t file his 2020 corporate Statement of Information either.

    Tan Tran’s freshdrop .com site is also down.

    Pheenix, Inc.
    200 Spectrum Center Dr
    3rd Floor
    Irvine, CA 92618
    United States of America

    Support Email:support@pheenix.com
    Support Phone:+1 888.872.4988

    CEO: Tan Tran
    Business Registration: C3347772

    Is this the same Tan Tran who is the CEO of @Vemanti? He seems to be active on Twitter, lives in Newport Beach but has a different address in Irvine, California.

    • Samer says

      I hope so.

      I seriously hope this guy’s ok.

      He’s capable of customer service & interaction, used active on NP. Try reach him Linkedin, (as if it hasnt tried) and update us, any if he’s OK.

      Any employees left?
      This guy is gone, and the auctions are slowly decimating to what they are today. Would be shocked if they dont suffer the same fate as FD, if ICANN didnt do this.

      Thanks for the post!


  3. snoopy1267 says

    The customer service was always awful in my experience, wouldn’t be surprised if he just pops up a says he didn’t know there was any issues.

  4. Drew Platt says

    He used to attend domainer conferences and his photos are public. It’s a shame he duped customers.

    Similar to Dirty Adam Dicker!!!

  5. Drew Platt says

    This prick was a regular on the TRAFFIC conference.

    Hope all his friends there have sued his big time!!

  6. Squarely says

    Not paying its accreditation fees–that the main reason why Icann is going after….nobody really cares their customer service. It is all about the money.

    Maybe one of you should pay him a visit and see how he is doing….
    Ha ha friends of Domainers, anybody got pictures of him??

    • lothar74 says

      You can tell it’s a breach notice from actual complaints because the notice cites the domain names involved in the complaints.

      While past due fees are often cited in ICANN breach notices, that is largely a result of a compliance check prior to issuing a notice of breach. This check is performed to identify other areas of noncompliance prior to issuing the notice of breach (which is an involved process at ICANN). The breach items regarding past due fees and not following whois format follow the wording “In addition, Pheenix has been deemed noncompliant in the following areas:” – which is the wording ICANN uses when the deficiencies were identified during a compliance check.

      It is very rare that a registrar is breached for fees alone, and those notices are generally small registrars. The fees involved (let’s assume it’s for the annual accreditation fee of $4,000) are an insignificant portion of ICANN’s annual budget (approximately 0.003%).

  7. Ginger Dee Blosser says

    I cann is nothing but theft of my personal private individual data and financial information and an Unlawful access to my personal private cellphone and devices. Identity fraud and false claims. Such ignorance

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