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March’s Top 5: GoDaddy, France.com and more

A look at the top five stories on Domain Name Wire last month.

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These were the top stories on Domain Name Wire last month, ranked by pageviews:

1. GoDaddy to remove locks on Brent Oxley’s domains, changes policy – The registrar changed its policy for locking domains that are subject to a legal dispute after an outcry from the domain name industry.

2. Domain investing is changing. It’s time to adapt your strategy – What worked before might not work in the future. Here’s what’s changing and how to adapt.

3. Google among end user buyers at GoDaddy, SelfMade.com sells for nearly $1M – GoDaddy’s October sales included Selfmade.com, which sold for just under $1 million.

4. Anyone can start a club on Clubhouse now. What does this mean for .Club? – More clubs might use .club domains for off-app interactions with fans.

5. Court rules France can keep France.com – Previous domain name owner dealt a blow in court.


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