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Google among end user buyers at GoDaddy, SelfMade.com sells for nearly $1M

GoDaddy’s latest domain sales list features big sales to companies of all sizes.

Screenshot of Skates.com with an image of an ice skate
The company that owns TennisRacquets.com bought Skates.com.

GoDaddy released a list of its top public sales from October 2020 today. GoDaddy publishes the lists in arrears to avoid any issues as a public company.

The list is led by a whopper — selfmade.com for nearly $1 million!

Here are the top 20 sales from October and who bought them.

selfmade.com $977,500 – STOFF & STIL is rebranding as Self Made. The company sells fabrics and sewing equipment/accessories.

skates.com $150,000 – The Tennis & Golf Company uses the descriptive domain TennisRacquets.com. Now it’s selling roller stakes, inline skates and ice skates at Skates.com.

cgd.com $150,000 – The buyer is in China. The site isn’t active.

rever.com $107,222 – The buyer is in China. The site isn’t active.

jod.com $100,000 – Just One Dime, a company that trains people to sell on Amazon, bought this domain and forwards it to JustOneDime.com.

mumbai.com $99,000 – One of India’s largest cities for only $99,000? Yep. The buyer is unknown.

lightrock.com $94,888 – Lightrock Holding AG is an investment firm backed by LGT, which uses the domain LGT.com. Lightrock says it “invests in sustainable businesses built by purpose-driven entrepreneurs committed to innovation for systemic change at scale.”

automationcloud.com $90,000 – Web infrastructure/design platform Ui Path calls its main product Automation Cloud.

factcheck.com $85,000 – Penske Media Corporation is the company behind Billboard, Rolling Stone, Variety and many other publications.

dabble.com $75,000 – It looks like this will be some sort of platform for investment ideas.

nip.com $74,000 – Nana Innovation Products sells personal protective equipment.

caraccidents.com $72,000 – The domain is parked and has Whois privacy.

ux.co $62,500 – User experience agency UX Connections forwards this domain to its main website.

bontu.com $62,400 – Alphacredit Capital, S.A. offers consumer financing and credit for small businesses. This domain doesn’t resolve yet.

strongest.com $60,000 – Strongest provides tools for physical training.

strad.com $60,000 – Strad sells software to financial advisors.

pmrc.com $58,000 – Penske Media Corporation also bought this domain (see FactCheck.com above).

glovebox.com $57,000 – Asbury Automotive Group (NYSE: AGB) is a Fortune 500 company with a $3.6 billion market cap. It owns auto dealerships in the United States.

moderncomputing.com $53,900 – Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) bought this domain for its Modern Computing Alliance.

phos.com $52,875 – Someone in Dubai bought this domain. It’s still parked.

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  1. steven

    would be curios to hear the negotiations back story on how selfmade.com ended up selling for such a high mark through godaddy within weeks of them practically giving away mumbai.com, skates.com, nip.com, etc by comparison.

  2. Dom

    Any idea if these were domains Go daddy owned and sold or brokered on behalf of customers? We’re they sold through the Domain Buy Service?

  3. Araf

    Damage control list to try and reduce the mass migrations GD is seeing. Stoff & Stil had no idea they were going to be used as this week’s defensive shielding. You doing a piece on the Oxley thefts Andrew? Hottest topic in the industry now!

  4. Nick

    This list has the weirdest prices I’ve seen in a while. bontu for $62,400 , wow i gotta raise my prices again, that’s like a bad brandbucket name . And a real word like dabble for only $75K, that’s crazy low.

  5. Richard B Morris

    and to think…i bought Selfmade.solutions for $4.99 right after I saw where selfmade.com just sold for almost a million dollars. WTFiddle.com☺

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