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GoDaddy is selling NamesCon and CloudFest

WHD Events GmbH acquires conferences from NamesCon.

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani talks at NamesCon
GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani talks at NamesCon in Austin last year. GoDaddy is selling the conference along with CloudFest.

GoDaddy is selling its NamesCon and CloudFest conferences.

The company inherited the businesses when it acquired Host Europe Group in 2017. NamesCon management did a good job of keeping arm’s length with GoDaddy during its ownership, but it surely created some consternation amongst sponsors. GoDaddy became a larger presence at the conference after acquiring it.

GoDaddy has committed to sponsoring the event in the future.

WHD Events GmbH is the buyer. Corporate database searches don’t show this entity yet, and I suspect it’s a new business spun up for the acquisition.

More details (including the ownership) will be revealed after the deal closes.

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  1. Paul_Kuhn says

    WHD is the short form for “WorldHostingDays”. Here in germany exists a ten years old company, called WHD GmbH, which – BTW – has an american owner since 2017: Godaddy Inc. WHD is also the 100 % owner of WorldHostingDays USA Inc.

    • John Berryhill says

      “GoDaddy only wants to own something that makes them money.”

      Well, yes, that’s pretty much their responsibility to their shareholders.

      But Namescon itself is pretty much run on a basis where attendees pay to hear people who have paid to advertise whatever they are selling anyway. That’s how you end up with stupid crap like “Secrets to Triple Your TM Typo Earnings”.

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