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Frank Schilling will try to liquidate his 23 top level domain names in a single day

Schilling will exit the new top level domain game if the price is right.

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Frank Schilling’s top level domain registry UNR is planning to liquidate its TLDs in no-reserve auctions held on a single day.

The company currently has rights to 23 top level domain and will auction each of them for no reserve on April 28, 2021.

No reserve doesn’t mean the TLDs will sell for just a buck, though. .HIV, .juegos, and .llp  will start a $0, but the other domains will have minimum bids ranging from $150,000 to $3 million.

While the company may end up selling off its top level domains, it’s not exiting the domain name business entirely. It plans to focus solely on its backend registry services and IP protection services.

In fact, it’s offering its “Registry in a Box” service to buyers of its top level domains if they’d like. It will even serve as a “Trustee” for any of the top level domains, meaning UNR will be the named owner and continue to operate the domains on behalf of the financial buyer.

UNR will use Innovative Auctions to handle the sale. Innovative Auctions handled the recent sale of .car, cars and .auto and was the auction service for many TLD resolution sets.

The unique auction should give us a good idea about the current valuation of top level domains.

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  1. Ali says

    Seems like faced with lack of renewal rate and registrations selling most these extensions to the next mug serves it’s purpose best. Reminds me of when companies sell themselves for $1 to get rid of the liability of the legal entity, most of these extensions lack true validity of use, Goooooood luck to who ever wins any of those auctions I personally won’t be registering any of those extensions ever!

  2. Steve says

    Come one, come all! (one man’s junk . . . is . . . another man’s . . . treasure)

    They’re all going to sell.

    Every. Single. One.

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