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17 end user domain name sales

A robotic cooking device maker, a large German pharmaceuticals company, and a GDRP compliance company bought domains at Sedo.

Picture of the Taurus Mycook device
Taurus, maker of the Mycook cooking robot, bought Mycook.com at Sedo. Photo from Taurus website.

Sedo’s top sales this past week were Mim.com for €110,000 and Novoo.com for $33,000. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear who bought these domain names.

There are lots of domains sold at Sedo this past week for which the buyers are known, however. And that’s what this column is about. You’ll see the list below, and you can view previous lists like this here.

MyCook.com $13,000 – Electrodomésticos Taurus, a Spanish brand of vacuums and robotic cleaning and cooking devices, bought this domain. Mycook is a computerized cooking device that it sells.

NeueHealth.com $12,750 – Modern Impact, an online advertising company, bought this domain. This might be for a campaign for a client.

Devisenhandel.de €12,000 – This domain forwards to Valutahandel.se, a Swedish trading platform. The word translates to “forex trading” in German.

Vale.mx ‎€11,000 – The domain now forwards to Dito.com. Dito, Inc. is a B2B software developer with offices in London and New York. It licenses a software platform and games to mobile gaming operators. I’m not sure what the domain is for.

Homes24.com ‎€9,700 – Homes24 is a real estate listing and search website.

Strauss.co.uk £9,200 – Forwards to Engelbert-Strauss.co.uk, a clothing and accessories brand in the UK.

TechSummit.com $9,000 – UC Today bought another conference name through Sedo. Now might be a good time to buy conference names as the live events business is depressed.

FundGrube.com $7,500 – Forwards to FundGrube.es, a Spanish e-commerce site that sells shoes, clothing, cosmetics and more.

VPNHunt .com $3,899 – The buyer is setting up a site that will help people select and use VPN services.

Eris.in $3,800 – Indian Pharmaceutical company Eris Life Sciences bought this domain.

EHealth.tech $3,699 – Phoenix Pharmahandel is a very large German pharmaceutical wholesaler.

RedRum.de €3,003 – Fans of The Shining will appreciate this domain. It forwards to Redrum-verlag.de, which is operated by a German publishing company in the horror genre.

Conselia.com $3,000 – GAIA AG, a German digital therapeutics company, bought this domain. I’m not sure what the domain is for.

AvaAir.com $2,995 – AvaAir is an HVAC service provider in Atlanta.

ENVT.com ‎€2,500 – Envision Tec bought this short domain. It’s a German company that develops, manufactures and sells more than 40 configurations of desktop and production 3D printers.

Bilan-de-competences.com ‎€2,500 – Centenium Advisors, a New York-based boutique placement firm, bought this domain that translates to “skills assessment” in French.

Provacy.com $2,250 – Cabinet Cilex, a consultancy of lawyers and engineers that offer expertise in GDPR compliance, information systems and security, trade knowledge and project management, bought this domain. It’s Italian for privacy.

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