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19 end user domain sales at Sedo

A resume service, an Irish health tech company, and a manufacturer of outdoor shelters bought domain names last week.

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Lots of end users bought domain names at Sedo this past week. The top sale was an exact match Dutch domain name, and the top .com sale was for a plural brandable name.

One of the sales this week was mine: 300dpi.com. I don’t know if it was an end user that bought the domain. It was an interesting negotiation that I’ll write about later.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Gereedschap.nl €35,750 – Gereedschap is Dutch for “tools”. This is a Dutch ecommerce site for DIY tools for home repairs, etc. This domain was the top public ccTLD sale at Sedo for the week.

Flinks.com $25,000 – Flinks is a data company that helps businesses connect their users with financial services. Flinks enables businesses to connect users’ bank accounts, enrich their data, and utilize it to deliver better products. This was the top public .com sale at Sedo for the week.

SkillHub.com $20,000 – SkillHub is a resume writing/improvement system.

AIStudios.com $11,700 – This is neat. AI Studios lets you upload text, and then it converts it into a video with a model who speaks it. It doesn’t seem to be operational yet.

TraxGroup.com $10,000 – Trax Consulting is a logistics and supply chain management company. It conducts freight and parcel audits to help customers better manage and control their global transportation costs. The company forwards TraxGroup.com to its website at TraxConsulting.com

CleverStore.com €8,500 – Forwards to CleverTouch.com, a software company that develops programs and apps for screen sharing, visual presentations and more.

AVToday.com $5,499 – UC Today is back with another domain purchase.

Gartendusche.de €5,200 – Forwards to Gartendusche.shop, a German e-commerce site for different brands of high-quality garden and outdoor showers. Gartendusch is German for Garden Shower.

Uniphi.com $4,888 – A company called Uniphar bought Innerstrength Ltd, an Irish health tech company. Innerstrength is listed as the owner.

WireMedia.com $4,560 – WireMedia is a web developer that uses this domain’s .net version for its website. This was a no-brainer purchase at this price.

KapitalInvest.com $4,325 – Bergen Information Technologies Ltd., an IT Services Provider in the Virgin Islands, bought this domain. It might be for a client.

TeachersChoice.com $3,900 – Teacher’s Choice sells a line of educational products and teaching aids.

AbriPlus.com €3,050 – Abriplus, a French manufacturer of outdoor shelters and bike parking facilities, bought this domain. It uses Abri-Plus.com for its website.

Coches.org €2,999 – IPGlobal SL is a Spanish development firm. Coches is Spanish for cars.

PrimaveraOnline.com $2,520 – Talk about an improvement! Primavera Oni School bought this domain and forwards it to its existing website at…wait for it… Primavera-Online-High-School.com. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Ihrekontaktlinsen.de €2,500 – Forwards to Ihre-kontaktlinsen.de. This is a German site for contact lenses, eyeglasses, lenses, sunglasses and care-related products. The name is German for Your Contact Lenses”.

Zöllner.de €2,500- Forwards to Pohl-Zoellner.de, a German dental practice.

Harem.de €2,500 – Harem is a Turkish restaurant in Munich.

Coordify.com $2,395 – NaphCare, which provides services to people in jails and prisons, bought this domain. Coordify is the name of its software that manages diversion programs with communication between law enforcement and judicial systems.

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