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Sav’s no-fee domain backorder service comes out of beta

Domain name registrar only charges customers the registration cost for dropping domains.

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Domain name registrar Sav has taken the beta label off of its domain name backordering service.

Sav doesn’t charge anything to place backorders and doesn’t charge an extra fee when domains are caught. Customers pay only the typical registration fee, assuming they are the only person that backordered the domain. That’s currently $6.95 for .com domain names.

Sav founder Anthos Chrysanthou told Domain Name Wire that the company is catching thousands of .com domains every month, but that its biggest successes are for .co and .io domain names. Recent catches include Luxury.co, Queen.co, Instructor.io and SmartHome.io. As I write this, there’s a heated battle for Noon.co.

Domains with multiple backorders go to a ten-day public auction in which anyone can bid.

The system does not publicize which domains have backorders, so there is no issue with “tipping off” other domain investors about which domains you’re backordering.

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  1. Renata Barnes says

    .co is the domain extension for Columbia so why is it so popular? If for instance a company in the UK registered a .co domain name surely most of the traffic would be coming from Columbia which would be a nightmare for Google Ads?

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