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Efty launches new domain name marketplace

Marketplace aggregates Efty seller inventory.

Screenshot of the Efty domain name marketplace
Efty’s new domain name marketplace

Domain name sales platform Efty has launched a new marketplace with a goal of increasing sales of domain names.

Efty is a platform that lets domain investors create landing pages and custom domain “shops” for their domain names. Prior to introducing the marketplace, the only way people could find domains on the platform was to type them into their browser or to visit a seller’s shop. The marketplace allows people to search across all seller inventory.

There are currently over 630,000 names in the marketplace. Sellers have the option of excluding domain names from the marketplace.

Efty does not charge a commission on sales but sellers have to pay the payment processor/escrow service, such as Escrow.com and Dan.com. Efty charges a monthly fee depending on the number of domains in your account and activated features.

I’m a bit skeptical that the marketplace will drive many sales that otherwise wouldn’t have happened, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

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