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Top domain registrars in China, and how to use them in English (updated)

Here’s an updated list of registrars in China, and how you can interact with some of them in English.

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Based on the “Internet and Domain Industry Report” (Chinese) published in June this year, here’s the updated list of the Top 10 domain registrars in China.

Rank Registrar Chinese Domain English?
1 Alibaba Cloud 阿里云 AlibabaCloud.com Yes
2 Xin Net 新网数码 Xinnet.com
3 West.cn 西部数码 West.cn Yes
4 eName 易名 eName.com Yes
5 Bizcn.com 商务中国 Bizcn.com
6 Bang Ning 江苏邦宁 BN.beian.top
7 DNSPod 帝思普 DNSpod.cn Yes
8 35.com 三五互联 35.com
9 22net 浙江贰贰 22.cn
10 CN DNS 美橙互联 CNDNS.com

Only four registrars provide services also in English: Alibaba Cloud, West.cn, eName, and DNSPod.

Alibaba Cloud offers mainly domain registration (use Alibabacloud.com/domain for English). This registrar also owns the long-established domain registrar HiChina (万网=Wan Wang). While it is a bit confusing, Alibaba Cloud is also known as Aliyun in China.

West.cn is also known as Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology. Its English site is West.xyz where you can register, bid for, or drop-catch domains. This registrar also offers a buyer agent service to help you acquire a particular domain from a Chinese owner.

eName provides a wide range of services such as auction, backorder, and escrow. Its subsidiary 4.cn also offers similar services in English.

Because HiChina, Xin Net, eName, Bizcn.com, and 22net are Afternic partners, if you list your domains at Afternic, they will be available in China when buyers search for your domains at these registrars. This mechanism allows you to sell to China without having to deal with the language and payment issues.

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  1. Mike

    What would be useful to know Kassey is what Jurisdiction any UDRP’s filed on domains at Chinese Registrars are bound by, as per terms of Registrars . I presume most would be China.

    • Kassey Lee

      That’s interesting, Mike. I have never looked into this issue, but I assume that the complainant usually chooses a UDRP panel in their own jurisdiction .

  2. adnan

    I have few questions regarding domain registration. 1) Does Chinse Domains Comes Under Public Domain Registry (publicdomainregistry.com) 2) Does Someone report my domain and can my domain be suspended?

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