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Efty teams up with Dan.com, also introducing marketplace

Efty users will be able to accept payments through Escrow.com or Dan.com.

The domain name industry creates strange bedfellows.

For example, you might look at Efty.com and Dan.com as competitors. Both offer landing page services to domain name investors.

Yet they don’t have the same solution set, and that’s where a new partnership comes into play.

More than just landing pages, Dan.com is a payment platform. It accepts many types of payments with limited friction.

So Efty is integrating Dan.com payments into its platform. Sellers will be able to add Dan.com buy now buttons so customers can complete their transaction with a payment through Dan.com. Efty already integrates with Escrow.com.

Efty is also introducing a marketplace so that names listed on its platform are searchable. Efty won’t take a cut, so it’s effectively commission-free before payment processing charges to Dan.com or Escrow.com.

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  1. Nick says

    If they are just going to be a payment provider on another platform they should lower fees. 9% for a payment provider is nuts.

  2. David Thornton says

    No mention of their costs anywhere. Why does it seem they forget to mention this?

    Is it still the same 9% commission for transacting the payment of domain names listed externally of their platform as it is for domain names that were listed on their platform? I’ve browsed around DAN.com and have only found references to the 9% commission.

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