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16 end user domain name sales up to $242,000

.Co.uk domain leads the way.

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Sedo crushed all existing public records for two letter .co.uk domains this week with IT.co.uk. It was one of 16 domains that I could tie to end users.

Here’s a list of end user sales this past week. You can see previous lists like this here.

IT.co.uk £187,200 – The sale of IT.co.uk blows apart any previous records for two letter .co.uk domain sales. Whois changed last month to Intis Telecom, a messaging provider. The current USD equivalent is $242,000.

Melp.com $50,000 – Whelp, I don’t know who bought Melp. But it’s certainly an end user at this price.

KneeInjury.com $5,997 – Arthrex, Inc., a medical products and educational services provider for orthopedic surgeons, bought this domain. It offers training services in the areas of knee, shoulder and hip arthroscopies, foot, ankle, hand and wrist issues, as well as develops surgical solutions and engineered products.

RoofSurveys.com €5,500 – We had the roof replaced on the home we just bought, and the technology for estimating was cool. Instead of pulling out a tape measure to measure the roof, the estimator came with satellite photography of the roof that was used to calculate the total coverage. That’s not what RoofSurveys.com does, though. The buyer of this domain does on-site surveys, including the use of pole cameras and drones.

Alcina.cn €5,000 – Forwards to DrWolffGroup.com, a German manufacturer hair care and styling products, hair dyes, cosmetics and dental care products. Some of the brands they produce are Alpecin, Alcina, Plantur, Karex, Biorepair, which are well-known in Germany.

Millennium.net $4,000 – Millennium Power, a full-service valve repair, safety valve repair, and testing company serving a wide range of industrial applications, bought the domain. It currently uses MillenniumPower.net for its website.

Teska.com $4,000 – Forwards to Teska.com.tr, a Turkish manufacturer of materials for bathrooms, sanitaryware and valves.

Deutsche-Industrie.de $3,960 – Forwards to Deutsche-Industrie-Reit.de. Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG is a German investment group that focuses on German light industrial real estate. This category includes storage, distribution of goods as well as management and production.

ClickandLearn.de €3,000 – Forwards to ClickandLearn.at, a full-service e-learning and software tools provider out of Austria. With the purchase of the .DE domain, it might be expanding into neighboring Germany.

RocketAV.com $2,999 – Rocket AV bought this domain. It’s an audio-visual installation company based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area.

TravelSafetyTips.com $2,988 – Intersign a sign maker, bought this domain name. Some of its popular signs now are ones informing customers that they need to wear a facemask.

Sargramostim.com €2,900 – This is a pharmaceutical drug website for Leukine (sargramostim), which claims to be the first and only FDA-approved GM-CSF that reduces the risk of infection-related outcomes after allogeneic and autologous BMT. It also improves survival after delayed or failed engraftment. And I don’t know what any of that means.

CXToday.com $2,500 – UC Today Ltd. puts on a series of events about customer experience for entrepreneurs and executives.

Hatchards.com $2,499 – Waterstones Booksellers Limited, a British book retailer that operates 283 stores, mainly in the UK but also in other nearby countries. Hatchards is apparently the oldest bookshop in London and Waterstones owns it.

Thara.de €2,320 – The domain resolves to a page for THARA GmbH. The website is still being developed.

AdvancedAds.com $2,300 – Forwards to WPAdvancedAds.com, an ad plugin provider for WordPress.

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