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Lawsuit claims GoDaddy erroneously charged customers for website builder

Seattle customer says GoDaddy billed account even though he never checked out.

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A Seattle business incubator has sued GoDaddy, alleging that the company charged it for a website builder package even though it didn’t complete the checkout process. The lawsuit is seeking class-action status.

Wyttmab, LLC says (pdf) that GoDaddy charged customers who started creating a website using the GoDaddy site builder even if they didn’t choose a plan or click the button to complete the purchase:

This case concerns potential customers who previously purchased GoDaddy products or services and had previously provided GoDaddy with a working payment card or account number. GoDaddy automatically enrolls those customers into an annual plan for website-building services at a pricing tier of GoDaddy’s choosing. This enrollment occurs even when the user does not input payment information because GoDaddy electronically retains payment information for individuals that purchased a good or service from the company in the past. Enrollment also occurs even if the customer never clicks the “Complete Purchase” button. Indeed, enrollment occurs even if the customer never reviews, selects, or adds a plan to the “cart.” GoDaddy charges the customer using the payment information the company retained in its records.

The alleged charges occurred in August 2019.

GoDaddy responded to Domain Name Wire’s request for comment by saying, “GoDaddy does not comment on pending litigation.”

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  1. Richard says

    Same pattern with that bogus “Ultimate Privacy Protection”… Looks like GoDaddy is desperate for cashflow at this point.

      • Gerhard Kron says

        They recently removed my trademark site and they set me up on a bundle discount with auto renew ,on all my names that way I wouldn’t need to worry , they said no worries ,trouble free , registry worked fine for 10 yrs , then they lost all my names had to recover some , some went to auction , they are totally incompetent , never a payment issue on my end they never submitted charges as recurring payments recently they are stupid , they are a FAILURE

    • MEJ says

      Paying for so called Privacy Protection, only to have GoDaddy attempt to “deactivate” and “remove” my own website’s email accounts, supposedly by my website “Postmaster”. Have very strong passwords and change regularly..Some kind of scam going on.

  2. Michael says

    Bloody annoying when they add products to the cart that you have to remove manually – if you even notice them.

      • jobiej says

        I’ve gathered sufficient documented facts of fraud regarding my account with GoDaddy related to their auto renewals and refund policy that fit hand & glove to the requirements of class action certification because there’s either hundreds of thousands or several million individuals who would be consider members of the class. In my opinion GoDaddy would gladly settle due to discovery immediately after the case is accepted by the clerk, and I do mean immediately, within seconds discovery will also be filed. The charlatan’s stock will drop; they can’t risk having to deal with discovery as it’s short, simple, to the point, succinct and revealing. How can you assist?

  3. joesaba2014 says

    If you are looking for this: Is it legal to keep credit card details on file of Godaddy
    You will see one like this:
    http://www.godaddy.com ›ShowDoc
    Legal Agreements – GoDaddy Respects Your Privacy
    The Credit will expire one (1) year from date of purchase of the Purchased Product if … a prorated in-store credit, or a prorated refund, to be determined by GoDaddy in its … Your Payment Method on file must be kept valid if you have any active.

  4. Brian says

    I worked at go daddy for 6 years and I can tell you for a fact that you could turn off the auto renewal on your products and it would automatically switch to renew automatically even after you wanted them not to renew if it did that which did all the time you are entitled to a refund within 30 days of it doing so but you only had 30 days to get that refund after that they wouldn’t even give you credit back for other products

  5. Jamaica Live TV says

    This happened to me too. I had to hire someone else to put in the cart. They are disgusting

  6. wander R saavedra says

    Godaddy charge me over $300 on auto renew i didn’t not surprised this we i purchased the domains i check not Auto renual. we need a class action lawsuits ASAP anyone else?

  7. Jennifer says

    I just wish I had scanned the web for these kinds of stories before I gave GoDaddy thousands of dollars and they totally robbed me – hired them to do a wordpress site and they did it in their proprietary instead and I can’t add my blog, etc. – took $1400 – then customer service promised they would fix it and get back to me – and they didn’t and then when I called in again they said they were not going to change it to wordpress as they were originally contracted to do and then lied when I complained they would fix it and did not. AND they took money to build a site they never built for me. They are the WORST company I have ever had to deal with. Is there a class action suit for fraud I can join?

  8. jobiej says

    Do not end your complaint here. Google: GoDaddyrefundscomplaints, then GoDaddyrefunds.net, that’s me. I joined the UN Consumer Protection Bureau, why? I now have a direct line into all countries Consumer Protection Bureaus, and I’ve contacted each and advise them to type GoDaddyrefundscomplaints and then list their countries name behind those words. I then contacted the SEC, i.e., gddy20210930report, why? On page 61 GoDaddy Board of Directors advise folks who have invested $5.1b into GoDaddy who aren’t aware that GoDaddy is engaging in a Ponzi scheme and stole $345m from us in 2021 who like you guys, in the hundreds of thousands, if not a million or so only filed a complaint on the internet, the cloud, somewhere which is the same as doing nothing meaningful.
    I then made contact with 380 hedge funds who invested in GoDaddy, and their stock took a 6-point hit for about $100m, the U.N., is actively training the world not to go with GoDaddy and are actively confiscating equipment and partnerships. I then made contact with American Express, Visa, Master & Discover card corporations explaining they are co-conspirators’ because they pay GoDaddy, won’t accept our stories by the millions and want us to pay them, PLUS 29% INTEREST while we disputed the charges. I could go on a bit but you get the idea. And NO, it wasn’t a pain in the butt, IT WAS A PLEASURE.

    • diana says

      I’m about to sue them and I’m looking for backup information for my case because they transferred My Business website without authorization.

  9. Heather Moll says

    How can I join this suit? GoDaddy has stolen thousands of dollars from me and I’m so fed up and have spent hours trying to resolve this with their “customer service” with no resolution.

    • jobiej says

      GoDaddy has trained a 6-person team titled GoDaddy Chargeback Team, to process all requests for refunds and they simply send your credit card companies or bank a CUSTOMER INVOICE RECEIPT, plus a copy of GoDaddy’s Universal Terms of Agreement, an 6 font 8 page documents that also refers to (connects to) GoDaddy’s other 26 agreements and “14 Documents” that are simply other agreements written by some not so clever attorney’s and GoDaddy’s board of directors and 2 top executives, that in my opinion mimic that thought if you put 1,000 monkeys in a room with 1,000 typewrites you’ll eventually end up with a novel – – – – because if you go to item 21., in GoDaddy’s Universal Terms of Agreement you read that in GoDaddy’s own words in the 1st sentence of item 21., you see two words “illegal & prohibited”, but look at the context of how those two words are being used and that context as I see it is GoDaddy is stating they are “illegal” and therefore “prohibited” from doing business anywhere in the UNIVERSE. This may seem stupid or simple, but GoDaddy, in courts of law constantly states, “Our Universal Terms of Agreement are the law, and everything contained therein “The GoDaddy UNIVERSAL TERMS OF AGREEMENT ARE AT OUR DISCRETION ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE”, which I find extremely arrogant as they tried to steal $179.88 from me, but it was American Express who paid GoDaddy $179.88, not me. according to American Express I didn’t owe them anything, but I don’t know the details of who, what, when and where. The heck with GoDaddy who are nothing more than Bernie Madoff’s in sheep’s clothing. I went after American Express for pay GoDaddy and proved to AE’s CEO they are in on the Ponzi as feeders to GoDaddy collecting 29% of the Ponzi, US. Read your GoDaddy Customer Receipt Invoice, read it carefully because it’s a lie with misinformation that your credit card company knows full well is false and soon they will and have grown tired of having to process all those request for refunds which cost them millions and millions annually which is why GoDaddy purchased Poynt to process all GoDaddy Customers. payments. Use the receipt invoice to get your refund, i.e., read each side and notice their words i.e., these words are written by GoDaddy, such as: “This dispute warrants reversal in the customer’s claim is inaccurate and, therefore, invalid”. Keep in mind that everyone who request a refund this letter is sent to whoever has already paid GoDaddy. So, Google: GoDaddy + Refunds + Complaints + the name of any country and read a few millions complaints from and everyone who request a refund is wrong, for whatever reason. So read your GoDaddy Customer Receipt Invoice slowly, carefully and you determine if there’s any truth to what they told you or your credit card company? GoDaddy uses words like we folks use toilet paper for, i.e., those words don’t amount to S – – T and they get to keep your money and the card companies know this and want you to pay them what they paid GoDaddy, plus 29% on the amount. Talk about putting some sand in the Vaseline just before making love to someone you hate! Write the CEO of the card company who wants you to pay them for paying GoDaddy, do it and hold on to your money.

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