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What this domainer learned – DNW Podcast #283

From building a portfolio to pricing domains, here are some helpful lessons.

In January I interviewed domain name investor Nikul Sanghvi about his domain name journey. He had lots of great stories and takeaways. He’s back on this week’s show with some lessons he’s learned about domain name investing and business in general. You’ll enjoy this interview.

Also: Done.com, abandoned domain, AWS and more.

Sponsor: Donuts

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  1. Richard B Morris says

    Andrew…i pick up on some of the strangest things from your threads and podcasts.. About a year ago you were announcing that BeddingOdds.com had just sold for 450K, That’s right…you you misspelled “Betting” and before you had a chance to correct your mistake, I registered the domain with the misspelling. I’d like to tell you I’ve sold it, but I will renew it when it’s up for renewal.

    So with this podcast, you were stating Donuts (your sponsor) had just sold Bitcoin.Casino and Life.Casino for some pretty big bucks. Because I had just registered TailgateCasino.com, i was somehow able to buy Tailgate.Casino.

    Now if either BeddingOdds or Tailgate.Casino ever sell for big bucks, I do owe you a commission Andrew because I heard it at the Domain Name Wire first☺


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