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Pablo Escobar’s family is selling his intellectual property for $1.9 million

Want to own a dead drug lord’s IP?

Screenshot of EscobarInc.com website promoting a flamethrower for sale
Escobar Inc. holds a number of trademearks for “Pablo Escobar”, the infamous druglord. The company sells a flamethrower (pictured).

Last year, Pablo Escobar’s heirs won control of the domain name PabloEscobar.com. Now they are putting the domain and the late Colombian drug lord’s intellectual property rights up for sale.

Media Options, a domain name brokerage firm, is handling the sale.

Pablo Escobar’s brother and the former accountant for the Medellin Cartel, Roberto Escobar, re-formed Escobar Inc in 2014. It proceeded to capture as much intellectual property rights as possible.

Now Escobar, Inc. is trying to sell the rights for $1.9 million. The package includes:

  • PabloEscobar.com Domain Name
  • other related domain names including: Escobar.Life, Escobar.World, PabloEscobar.Club, PabloEscobar.us & others…
  • Over 30+ Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Successor-in-interest rights in all 50 United States
  • A painting (fresco) given to Pablo Escobar by his mother on his last birthday before he was killed
  • A video of Roberto Escobar holding the painting mentioned above and telling the story of how his mother gave the painting to Pablo
  • All documentation available providing the details regarding the rights, provenance, chain of custody & authority related to such rights

I’m sure any serious buyer will perform due diligence on the intellectual property. Escobar, Inc. has tried to extract payments from Nexflix for its Narcos series, and has threatened Elon Musk for selling flamethrowers.

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  1. Ravi says

    after reading the email…I thought it should be made as a link to PabloEscobar’s Wikipedia page…

    all the content of email sounds like praising…if someone doesn’t know much about Escobar…they might be mistaken him as a Philanthropist after reading this email.

    multiple times they used billion dollars…does such negative name worth billion dollars as a brand?
    billion dollars…really ?!

    just sell anything and everything.

  2. Mike says

    No corporate user is going to spend millions on a name that has killed so many, and spilled so much blood. I actually think Media Options sold it’s soul by putting it up for sale, people don’t respond to unethical attempts to profit from bloodshed these days, hence why his family needs to raise money.

  3. Steve says

    Media Options / Andrew crossed a line with this one. A very big, bad, evil line.

    How would he feel if one or more of his family members were among the untold 100s (if not 1,000s) of people Pablo had killed over the years?

    Shame on you Andrew.

    • Matt says

      I was going to add this as my 2 cents too.

      How did we get to this point as a society that we forget that bloodshed and focus on commissions and the value of “the brand”?

      Now sure why Media Options want to be connected to this. For the sensationalism? At what cost?

      Andrew Rosener should apologize publicly and drop the deal.

    • Snoopy says

      Won’t cost them a cent of business. Every media company in America has profited in the past from Pablo Escobar, some very directly like Netflix.

  4. Andrew Allemann says

    I agree with a lot of the sentiment. Media Options is taking a risk here. He tries to address this in the sales notice. You could argue that Netflix is profiting from Escobar as well with Narcos, so there is a fine line to walk in the argument.

    • Steve says

      excellent points. i agreed with the earler comments, but then we’d have to criticize netflix and other media groups from profitting off escobar. it’s a risky move, but it should get media options some publicity. i see escobar as more like a gangster a la capone, gotti, not a tyrant who ordered/committed genocide.

      • Mike says

        If you think that you don’t know the full story, bombings of innocent people which include children by standards. Maybe read the whole story before you comment without the facts.

    • Steve says

      Sorry my friend, but there is no fine line here. The line Andrew crossed is thick, dark, and unmistakable.

      Andrew doesn’t need the money, and should have — and still could and should — dump this “opportunity.”

      Movies, books, articles, documentaries, etc. about this monster and what he did — and what his organization are still doing — are not nearly the same as the profiteering Andrew’s going for here.

  5. paul says

    We got the flamethrowers for our 2 teenage boys this Christmas. First off, they must be used outside…not inside! The boys love them. Great company. Pablo makes them good!

  6. Renata Barnes says

    Any self respecting domain brokerage firm should not touch this with a barge pole. If Pablo Escobar’s brother wants to sell this he should do it by himself. Besides who would want it and what would it be used for? This is flogging a white elephant and anyone with some common sense should stay well away from it.

  7. kobe says

    Andrew Rosener, you gotta say something man. Can’t sit there without even addressing it.

    People wanna hear ya.

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