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.Org updates: deadline extended, state regulators ask for time to weigh in

Deal delayed another 30 days as ICANN works through deal blowback.

ICANN logoICANN and Public Interest Registry have mutually agreed to extend the time that ICANN has to review Public Interest Registry’s (PIR) answers to its questions about the sale of .org to Ethos Capital by 30 days. ICANN also says that it will be asking more questions.

Separately, The National Association of State Charities Officials has written to ICANN (pdf) to ask it to allow time for regulators to review the transaction. The association’s members include attorneys general, Secretary of State offices and other groups in charge of preventing the misuse of charitable assets.

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  1. Jack

    The deal is dead.
    Goodbye Ethos 😉

    Time to kill the new agreement with Verisign now and put the legacy .COM and .NET and .ORG contracts for bid.
    It is ICANN’s duty to promote competition.
    ICANN doesn’t want to be a price regulator anymore so let the market decide…

  2. Mike

    Someone devised this plan from the inside long before they left ICANN, stakeholders, and contingencies are nothing short of insider trading, and conflict of interest.

    This is an auto generated domain extension, that has no physical properties, other than charities use it for marketing, and promotion, and they are being held hostage for no other reason but to maximize greed from millions to a few people.

  3. B

    The last decade brought a zombie boom. Many learned “what seems dead, often ain’t.” Verisign, PIR & Ethos will fight hard to protect the no-bid monopoly contracts. They’ve huge resources to nurse their parasitic positioning, they continue to cultivate protected insider relationships in restraint of trade. It’s shameful. And the insider deal ain’t dead.

  4. Rubens Kuhl

    The likely outcome still is Ethos getting .org. The delay is just to make ICANN looks as trying to put up a fight.

    • Domainer

      I did not want to rain on everyone’s parade but I agree with you.

      ‘Serious’ money carries more weight than a few organizations complaining.

      I don’t want the sale to go thru but it will.

    • Domainer

      I am not a Trumpie but the only person that can stop this transaction from going through is Trump.

      If he gets on his soapbox and keeps talking about it, saying it is being done by the Wash. swamp elitist, the deal will die.

      • Rubens Kuhl

        Considering Trump administration was the one that allowed .com price raises, I don’t see them doing anything over .org.

  5. 168

    Well written request !

    Next… Will state of virginia AG or FTC intervene without evidence of wrong?

    I’m voting for the reputable individuals with a long record of supporting the internet
    VS fear mongers, speckspitters and late comers.

    Where were all these dogooders when price caps were removed ?
    No concern for ISOC ?

    Hard to believe the ” concerns ” are genuine.

    Easy to believe boots on the ground that have demonstrated
    dedication for many years.

    ICANN can still pull contract if violated after sale
    AG and FTC can still step up if dirty deal is evident after sale.


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