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Some surprising end user prospects for your domains

There are end users in China for domains that might surprise you.

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When I read domain news, I try to explore other angles as well. One angle is China because it is a massive economy producing new companies everyday. Each of these companies is a potential domain buyer. You’ll be surprised to know that Chinese companies acquire not just Pinyin but many different types of domains.

Recently, I read on Namebio that Homee.com sold for $40,000 at Sedo on August 22. The buyer is Homee, an American on-demand property maintenance provider. Homee.com is a perfect upgrade for the company which currently uses HomeeOnDemand.com as its corporate domain.

Now, would you believe that Homee.com could have a potential buyer in China as well? You may think it is highly unlikely. Many believe that Chinese end users prefer Pinyin domains. “Homee” is not only an English-based word but also a common misspelling of “homey”. Understanding their difference requires a certain level of the English language ability.

However, I have learned not to trust my first impression but to rely on research. A few minutes running Baidu search may delight you, and you can use this tool even if you do not read Chinese. Just enter “homee” into Baidu search and then check the URL of each result to look for similar domain. Surprisingly, I found the following domains of interest.

  1. HomeeChina.com
  2. HomeeMosaic.com
  3. SayHomee.com
  4. HomeeKitchen.com.tw

The next step is to visit each website. By using Google Translate, you can get a general idea about the business nature and size of the company. If you need to contact the company, you can also use a browser add-on such as Hunter to look for email addresses listed on the website.

In short, try to include China in your search for end users. You can use tools such as Baidu, Google Translate, and Hunter to help you identify and contact potential buyers in China.

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