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10 more end user sales

Here are some of the end users that bought domain names at Sedo.

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Sedo’s top public sale of the week was OneHome.com for $70,000. It’s not yet clear who bought it, but a Google search uncovers several candidates.

Here’s a look at some of the domains end users bought at Sedo this past week. See prior end user lists here.

OneHome.com $70,000 – A MarkMonitor client bought the domain name. I searched for trademarks to see if a company recently filed anything. There are a couple of trademarks for ‘One Home’, but they date to 2015 or before. There are several candidates if you search for the term.

Quaestor.com $26,000 – Here’s the story behind this one.

Mischanlage.de €11,900- Forwards to Schick-Bau.de. Schick is a family surname. This is a construction company in Germany that specializes in concrete and concrete pumps. Mischanlage means mixing plant.

ModZero.com $4,995- An Swiss company providing security analysis.

TechGrove.com $4,900 – Computer Brokers USA in Missouri.

LemonPlay.com 4,000 – An online game studio still in development.

Karlo.com €3,700 – It looks like the buyer’s first name is Karlo.

PizzaPasta.de €3,500 – Forwards to Pizza-Pasta.net, a German-based Italian restaurant and food delivery franchise.

Wohali.com $3,250 – Wohali Partners owns the domain name WohaliPartners.com. It doesn’t seem to have launched yet, but it was smart to acquire this shorter domain.

SumitomoChemical.com $3,177 – This domain was bought by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., a major Japanese chemical company that currently uses Sumitomo-Chem.co.jp as its main website.

RSP.eu €3,040 – Forwards to RestrukturierungsPartner.com, a German consulting company specializing in corporate restructuring. This is much shorter!

DallasCoins.com $2,900 – Forwards to HoustonRareCoins.com, the website for D of J Coins & Collectibles.

NegativeSEO.com $2,500 – Altitude SEO bought this domain. Negative SEO is taking actions that hurt a competitor’s search rankings.

AuptitBonheur.com €2,390 – Website for an art gallery in Québec.

HypeCBD.com €2,200- Hype Energy Drinks bought a domain for the latest craze. By the way, it owns the domain Hype.com.

HappyNappers.com $2,200 – A children’s stuffed animal that turns into a sleep sack.

Tuerenwerk.de €2,000- Forwards to Türenwerk.com, a company that produces security doors for homes and houses.

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  1. AbdulBasit.com says

    Thanks Andrew once again for the shout out. Much appreciated. Always love to see your enduser sales report.

    Many years back I still remember that I saw one domain sold in a different extension and my father was having the same domain in .org extension and by your blog I came to knew about it and we negotiated accordingly. Eventually sold the domain as well. This is just one instance I’ve benefited and there have been many more interesting stuff to learn from your site.

    Keep sharing and best wishes!

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