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13 more end user domain name sales

Click Funnels, an essential oils and aromatherapy distributor and a pet nutrition company bought domain names.

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Many of Sedo’s end user domain sales this past week were to companies buying the .com equivalent of their country code domain, or vice-versa. Another buyer is Click Funnels, which purchased the clever domain HowToSell.com.

Here are the end user domain sales I could find. You can view previous lists like this here.

Goldina.com €11,000 – Richworks International Sdn. Bhd. is a seminar organizer in Malaysia. I’m not sure what this domain is for.

Pernaturam.com €6,250 – Forwards to Pernaturam.de, the website for German company PerNaturam, which produces nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses.

Aromar.com $5,980 – Forwards to Aromar.us – a manufacturer and developer of home fragrances including fragrance oils, concentrated air fresheners, tea light candles, incense, oil burners and other home fragrance products.

Corpia.com $4,900 – Corpia is a financial company that uses technology to build a more precise credit risk model to target small to medium-sized businesses in obtaining loans to fund their growth.

HowtoSell.com $5,000 – ClickFunnels acquired the domain name.

Lucatis.ch €4,200 – Forwards to Lucatis.com, the site for global Private Equity Firm Lucatis .

Comtuer.com $3,445 – Forwards to Comtuer.de, the website for Comtuer, which manufactures and installs high end interior doors.

Tubeo.eu €3,000 – Forwards to Tubeo.fr, a French fiber optic service provider.

Seneque.com €2,900 – Purchased by Journme SA. When I google that name, it pulls up information on Sénèque SA.

Closd.com $2,500 – The buyer is likely the French legal project management platform Closd, which uses the domain Closd.fr. I assume this is pronounced “closed.”

Bauprofi24.ch €2,500 – Forwards to Floormatex.ch, a German B2B building materials provider. Bauprofi is German for building professionals.

SB-IT.de €2,500 – Forwards to Schauenburg-Industrietechnik.com, a German industrial engineering firm specializing in molded parts, stamped parts and hose technology. They recently also purchased the .com version of this name, too.

Anza.ca $2,000 – A Remax branded website for a real estate agent named Anza Malik, who is based in the Toronto area.

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