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Changing domain names? Switching emails is one of the hardest parts.

The International Floorball Federation is forwarding emails from its .org domain to its new .sport domain.

Picture of Floorball game with goalie blocking a shot
The International Floorball Federation is holding onto its old domain name to forward emails. (Photo from BigStockPhoto.)

Changing domain names is very difficult.

On the web side, you have to meticulously forward pages on the old website to the new one so you (hopefully) don’t lose search rankings.

There’s also the email side, which is tricky. People send emails to people they haven’t contacted in years. So even if you switch domains, it’s important to keep renewing the old domain and forward the old email addresses to the new ones.

The International Floorball Federation is going through this right now. The company changed its website from Floorball.org to Floorball.sport. It is keeping its old .org domain so it can forward emails.

If your reaction to the prior paragraph was “wait, what’s floorball?,” I had the same question.

Based on pictures of the sport (including the above), it looks like floor hockey but with a wiffle ball instead of a puck. And the goalie doesn’t have a stick.

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