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Brent Oxley buys NorthDakota.com for $33,000

A small price for a low-population state.

Picture of farmland in North Dakota. Prairies, cattle and a church with partly cloudy skies.
Lots of land and cattle. Not many people.

HostGator founder Brent Oxley has snapped up state .com domain names lately, include Texas.com.

He just added NorthDakota.com to his portfolio.

The domain was listed for sale in Sedo’s last GreatDomains auction with a reserve price of $50,00-$100,000. A lot of people thought it would sell for that price, but the auction ended without a sale.

After the auction, Oxley bought the domain for $33,000.

When a domain isn’t headed toward its reserve in an auction, it make sense to back off as a bidder and negotiate a price after the auction concludes.

North Dakota is the fourth-least-populated state in the U.S. with fewer than one million people. It is a boom state for oil, however.

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