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13 end user domain sales up to €75K

An on-demand home services provider, and emergency vehicle intelligence company, and an insurance company bought domain names this past week.

graphic of briefcase full of money related to end user domain name sales

Sedo had a couple of nice end-user sales this week, including AceTech.com and Homee.com

Here’s the list. You can view previous lists like this here.

AceTech.com €75,000 – AceTech manufactures vehicle intelligence for emergency service fleets.

Homee.com $40,000 – The Whois is for Homee, Inc. It’s a home services on-demand company that uses the domain HomeeOnDemand.com.

FacetData.com $19,888 – Facet is a San Francisco company in beta. It says it helps you “Empower your team to make better, faster business decisions at scale, without custom engineering.”

RunsOnRipple.com $10,000 – The domain is still in escrow but Ripple Labs (behind the cryptocurrency) has a trademark on it. I assume it bought the domain.

Chivers.com $6,980 – The buyer’s last name is Chivers.

TechnoShip.com $4,900 – A Dutch company, Technoship BV purchased this domain and is forwarding it to TechnoShip.nl. They are a maritime supplier and manufacturer.

ZD3.com €4,800 – Z2 Partners in Florida.

Nisys.com $4,500 – The domain forwards to Nisys.net, which has a ‘coming soon’ page on it.

CIM.io $3,999 – CIM Operations Pty Ltd in Australia.

Super.mx €3,800 – Super is an insurance company in Spanish-speaking countries including Mexico.

Staci.de €3,380 – Staci is a pick, pack and logistics company.

ArtInt.com $2,000 – This domain was purchased by a guy who works on AI, and it’s short for Artificial Intelligence.

DigiTex.org $2,000 – Purchased by Austin Community College, potentially for a new digital-related initiative.

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