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A new TLD update with Sandeep Ramchandani – DNW Podcast #248

Sandeep Ramchandani returns to the program to discuss the top level domain market.

dnw-podcastRadix CEO Sandeep Ramchandani discusses the current state of new top level domain names from his perspective. We discuss how much premium domains should cost, if domains under management is the right metric, switching costs of domains, and much more. It’s an interesting discussion.

Also: Tucows, GoDaddy expired domains, PIR’s hire, EFF fights .org contract, 8chan and more.

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    • sandy2911

      Hi Charles. Thanks for listening to the podcast and asking this question. I’ll take the opportunity to answer it here.

      Domainers have a critical role to play in taking our premium inventory to the end customer. We are overjoyed when we see data around standard names which are flipped in the aftermarket for 5-6 figures. It provides a proof of concept and lends more confidence in going for our TLDs for a critical new project.

      Those who have invested in our TLDs have vested interest in our success, and we in theirs!

  1. 168

    Great interview! Thank you Andrew for the value you contribute consistently.
    Radix- Gotta love them !
    Their approach since day one has been spot on !
    3 points that stood out for me-

    Domains Under Management – the acronym says it all D.U.M.

    “Wait”, “Are you saying you didn’t pay them to switch to your NewG ?”

    Radix focus – extract more value
    Global, Generic
    Large, Broad Market appea
    Perform well Organicallyl
    Spot on!

    Sandeep, Would be interesting to see a list that compares NewG’s registered
    (active) to new .com/.net / .org registered (active)
    Where I am located I see a lot of churches “switching” to .church.
    My son just chose a .site for his new biz
    Without any input from me!

    Thank you Radix team for demonstrating
    that there is value in NewG’s. that “Organically” make sense !

    Cheers to the team at Radix !

  2. Charles Christopher

    >My son just chose a .site

    I think that is the key.

    Young folks don’t have historic bias. Just like internet pioneers “Made .COM work”, so to will the young make nTLDs work, where it makes sense.

    >Would be interesting to see a list that
    >compares NewG’s registered (active)
    >to new .com/.net / .org registered (active)

    If you can be a little more specific, I can likely generate that.

    • 168

      Thanks Charles!
      Example : In the last 24 month’s,
      Live / activated Domains by
      End users
      ( not ad redirects or landers etc.)
      List – .com/.net/.org
      List – NewG’s. (Launched
      2012 or later?)
      Globally ?
      Just USA.?

      I think Radix recognized the “key” day one.
      The New Generation has arrived !
      Spot on Charles!

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