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The beginning? Google to kill apps in favor of mobile web

Company is killing its Adsense iOS and Android apps.

Picture of iPhone screen with app icons with words "Who needs Apps?"

Is it really necessary to have dozens of apps on your phone when businesses can duplicate the experience through a mobile-friendly website?

Here’s one answer to the question that might be a sign of things to come: Google is getting rid of its Adsense iOS and Android apps in favor of a common mobile website interface.

The company says this will allow it to focus its resources on one common interface that supports all platforms rather than managing three separate interfaces.

A lot of apps are merely dressed-up versions of what you can find on the company’s website. Still, I find that apps can be helpful for sites and services you access frequently. It’s nice to be able to just press an icon and be logged in to the service you want with a simplified interface.

At the same time, it seems wasteful for companies to have to manage two apps (iOS and Android) on top of a website. New technologies make it possible to simplify this into one interface with similar functionality.

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  1. MapleDots.ca says

    Quote from author of article
    “It’s nice to be able to just press an icon and be logged in to the service you want with a simplified interface.”

    You can always add the website shortcut to the home screen and it does exactly the same. Only problem is you cannot add it to the app drawer but it does that automatically in Chrome OS so I figure that is also coming to Android at one point. SO yes why have both apps and websites that function almost identically.

  2. Richard says

    So Google launched their .app TLD just a year ago, and now is about to kill apps in favor of the mobile web.. LOL. Thanks for playing.

  3. John Colascione says

    Seems odd. I believe I read this is specific to the AdSense interface. Wonder what they are trying to get a handle on displaying properly across all devices with little room for error.

  4. Mikey says

    Re Google killing apps and it’s domain extension, I think the opposite. Making the app web based but distinguishable by its domain extension, makes the .app domain more valuable as it provides a real purpose for it. It provides clarity to the consumer as to the purpose of the endpoint.

  5. TTS says

    this was foreseeable as native apps are just unnecessary technical silo / burden. Dot app sends a clear message to customers around the globe

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