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BettingOdds.com and HorseRacing.net lead end user domain sales

A honey distributor, a nutritional supplement brand and a Cannabis product company bought domain names this past week.

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Earlier this week I wrote about how GamingUSA (a company actually in the UK) bought BettingOdds.com for £390,000. It turns out they also bought HorseRacing.net for $60,000. These two domains led Sedo’s end user domain sales for the week.

Here’s a look at sales to end users that recently closed at Sedo. See prior end user lists here.

BettingOdds.com £390,000 & HorseRacing.net $60,000 – Both of these gambling names are not yet developed but were purchased by the GamingUSA Group.

Manuka.de €45,000 – The domain forwards to a site for Neuseelandhaus by Manuka Health. It sells honey products from the Manuka region in New Zealand.

SingleBoersen.de €20,000 – Forwards to SingleBoerse.de by German company Phonemotion GmbH. The site compares online dating sites.

HireTimes.com $5,000 – This play-on-words domain was purchased by Elite California, a Cannabis product company.

ArtBrut.org €5,000 – This French website features an art collection from various artists.

Dayy.com €4,000 – A web and app development company that worked on a new RedBull.com site and a Volvo app, among others.

OPDC.com €2,800 – Forwards to opdc.co.uk, a consultancy group specializing in leadership skills and team building.

Hospital2Home.com $2,340 – Forwards to TexasHealth.org, a faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery system based in the North Texas region.

Vertix.org $2,157 – This was purchased by the ECRI Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports medical practices and products with the safest, most cost-effective care in mind. There are a lot of trademark applications for this term but I don’t see any from ECRI.

MuscleFit.com $2,150 – A Mexican nutritional supplement company.

Wellness.jp $2,100 – A Japanese site in development for health and wellness services.

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  1. Richard Morris says

    Geesh Andrew….i may be old, but I have heard the expression “BeddingOdds” vs. “BettingOdds”….here’s what’s crazy…i checked to see if it was available to buy, and I’m now the proud owner of BeddingOdds.com☺

    I’m all about risk vs. reward, and for $8.50 I won’t have lunch today just to see if Hollywood or Vegas might want a shot at a sitcom called Bedding Odds, a Game Show called Bedding Odds, or a new card game in Vegas called Bedding Odds. What do you think? How much commission would you like for your typo? Thanks

      • Richard Morris says

        No Problem…it would be a perfect name for a new sitcom starring Charlie Sheen of Two and a Half Men. I’m surprised it’s never been reg’d before? I own a few “catchy” domains, but I think this the “catchiest”☺
        Thanks for the typo!!! The history of the Google name can be traced back to a typo, an incredibly large number, and a nine-year-old boy☺

    • Rick Schwartz says

      If they did not by the HorseRacing.com it was SOLELY cuz of price and that is consistent with my previous statement. and the .net ALWAYS comes with the extra COST of lost traffic that NOBODY ever calculates in their decision making process. BIG mistake!

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