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BrandBucket acquires competitor Brandroot

Large brandable domain marketplace swallows another.

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BrandBucket, which specializes in brandable domain names, has acquired competitor Brandroot.

Brandable domain marketplace BrandBucket has acquired competitor Brandroot, the company announced today. The acquisition was completed June 20 and the price was not disclosed.

Combined, the two companies have 70,000 domain names and 1,000 domain sellers. Brandroot is the smaller of the two with about 20,000 domain names.

The site uses logos to sell complete brands to startups and other businesses.

As of now, both sites are operating. I wouldn’t be surprised if BrandBucket pulls Brandroot’s inventory into its own site and sunsets Brandroot in the future.

The company said sellers should stay tuned for more announcements about the acquisition and integration plans.

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  1. Fat Anon says

    1. Buy thousands of domains from other Brandbucket sellers for cheap
    2. Create your own domain marketplace with these
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT

  2. patrick cowan says

    Yes domainers love to pay exorbitant commissions and keep LOGO designers fed and happy, what would we do with out you brandbucket.

  3. Nick says

    I understand why newbies may throw 30% of their commission in the trash, but I’m surprised when I hear about veterans going it

  4. Patrick Cowan says

    I get it if there looking for a brand and have no clue on how to come up with one on their own, I have a few brands but they get decent type in and I don’t like paying 30% if they halved it I might consider.

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