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Adam Strong, Voice.com – DNW Podcast #241

Analyzing the $30 million deal + thoughts on one-word .com domains.

dnw-podcastIt’s a record-breaker: Voice.com sold for $30 million cash! On today’s show, domain investor Adam Strong helps me break down the deal. We also talk about the market for one-word .com domains (he has a brokerage, Evergreen, that specializes in these great domains). Finally, Adam closes with an update on his success using Afternic to sell his domains.

Also: Welcome DAN.com, Donuts’ big number, Missed Connections and more.

This week’s sponsor: Name.com.

Apologies for the sound quality during the news segment. It will be fixed next time.

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        • John

          LOL, you obviously haven’t seen my comments for very long, but can’t imagine what that has to do with anything anyway, troll. The comment was a stupid comment that works against everyone, plain and simple. Wake up and get out of the Matrix.

          Now troll me again and I’ll decide whether to say anything more.

        • John

          I have one that’s worth in the mid 9 to 10 figure range, but I’d only be looking for the mid 9 zone now, and another that’s more famous. Third would be a total toss up. They are not all longer than a word either.

    • Richard

      Short one word .com = money in the bank.

      Longer than two words and / or new gTLD = broke like John.

      • John

        Is anyone even stupid enough to not be able to name short one word .com’s that are worthless compared to better longer ones?

          • John

            Answered above. But just to clarify a bit more, the more famous one is not nearly as valuable as the first. Only worth a max of seven now perhaps, maybe more later only if certain variables change. Not counting on it, but never say never.

          • Richard

            No John, not answered. What are the actual names? No appraisal, just the names.

  1. steve

    I have a premium account exec at GD, but I wish Afternic offered a Domain Selling Guru to help price all my domains on Afternic, for a price of course.

    Also, interesting, as I own Emma in a few extensions, as we’ve been building a voice assistant and we’ve code named it/her Emma. We tried to buy Emma.com, but 3 million was too high, at least for us. I believe MyEmma contacted us about wishing to acquire one of our Emma domains, but we weren’t interested in selling.

  2. John

    Btw, in light of somebody’s stupid comment above, I wanted to point out again the extremely comical irony that the category killer term for our entire industry is the two word DomainNames.com. The regular public and the real target market of real world end users knows “domain names,” but they do not know “domain” or “domains” by comparison.

    • Smell My Finga'

      Tell us all again about your Top Secret, 10-billion-dollar, long-tailed domain that you’ve been stalking for 10 years — LOL!

      • John

        Well I decided to make a lowball offer recently and not surprisingly didn’t even get a response. And for those who don’t know what this anonymous troll is referring to, I’m talking about an extremely valuable three word .com.

        You trolls are really stupid though and never even understand a word I say.

          • John

            My most valuable domains were purchased.
            One that’s a bit famous was acquired through a backorder I guess probably right around the time backorders were even invented. I do also have a number of great and valuable regs though.

      • Brain

        Actually, both Domain.com and Name.com are worth 10,000 times more than domainnames.com. Short domains are always the best choice!

        • John

          Name.com is incredibly valuable for a vast diversity of reasons, including this business, but you’re wrong about Domain.com. DomainNames.com beats that one. And is also the category owning term in case you didn’t get the memo.

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