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Missed connections: another smart domain sales idea

A great idea to close deals at previously negotiated prices.

Picture of business people shaking hands with words "Missed Connections: a second chance"

I like it when domain name companies try new and interesting things. They don’t always work, but this industry needs more creative thinking.

The latest comes from Uniregistry. The company took some of its uncompleted sales and is offering them to the public (with permission of the seller).

The list includes domains in which the buyer and seller agreed to a price but the buyer never paid. Each domain is listed with the final agreed price.

If a buyer wants one of the domains, they should open a new inquiry at the accepted price to purchase the domain.

Uniregistry VP of Sales Jeffrey Gabriel notes that “This is not a starting point, and there will not be negotiations.”

From a buyer perspective, I like how you get to skip the negotiations and get domains at fair prices. No wasted time.

Before posting this story, I secured one of the domains on the list: SodaFountain.com. I like this name as a brandable similar to my name CandyCorn.com.

Here are some of the domains:

  • SodaFountain.com (sorry, too late)
  • BenefitsCard.com $4,000
  • Specifications.com $8,000
  • Bootstrappers.com $5,000
  • Chapter11.com $25,000
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  1. Ravi says

    This is nice idea…

    Sorry, Too late was actually early deal for the seller 😉

    The article was up for couple of hours and already shown some results!!

    This is like blog to blog promoted and sold…superb..

    I would like to see this on DNW too… I am very much interested to send my names if it happens 🙂

      • Ravi says

        Yes, of course this is more easy and productive for a registrar to do…

        I was thinking of thousands of domainers and blog/tech enthusiasts who follow your site and your numerous connections with established members of domain industry will give great exposure to names and definitely high margins…

        And for sure it needs to be curated or else it’s lost cause..

        And people won’t submit just best they submit all things names…so some limitation on number of submissions…

        Just all thoughts 😉


  2. Dave Tyrer says

    Congrats on your fast acquisition and look forward to you building out SodaFountain Andrew 🙂

    This Uni initiative or experiment looks like a good demonstration of the effectiveness of a marketplace that displays a curated list of good domains with reasonable BIN prices.

    Not paid for listings of bad domains at ludicrous prices, or typos such as NeverToLate.com (which is displayed at Afternic).

    So the “Missed Connections” page is like the antithesis of the DNW post where it says “Uniregistry… doesn’t have a syndicated buy-now listing platform.”


    Hopefully the new Uni sales infrastructure on the horizon will include a listing platform.

  3. Ian says

    Not surprising that Frank would try to pull this. He’s not as clever as he thinks.

    How do we know there was a legitimate buyer and seller that agreed to a price, but the buyer never paid?

    I’m disappointed that you Andrew agreed to act as his shill.

    • Henry says

      What? It’s not a must that one participates. If the stated price, whether real or imagined, agrees to you buy it. If not, move on.

      The way I see it, No harm, No foul. That’s my opinion.

    • Jamie Zoch says


      Missed Connections was a brainstorm idea between Jeff and myself. I’m not sure if Frank was even aware of it. We have zero reason to inject domains that do not fit the situation, period.

      So, “How do we know there was a legitimate buyer and seller that agreed to a price, but the buyer never paid?” Because that is what happened and the domain became a Missed Connection listing.

  4. C.S. Watch says

    A large proportion of transactions sort of lumber to the closing after years of brooding and playing chicken. Were I a buyer, the threat that a name would be launched from obscurity into a public shopper’s arena, were I to fail to pay up, would be motivating, but also deeply offensive. Sellers might want to keep in mind that they may risk that best potential buyer abandoning pursuit and renaming under this level of threat. There are many who will burn it all to the ground rather than be muscled. #readtheroom

  5. Richard G says

    I think its a great idea, I can’t tell you how many times I picked up a domain name at auction, being the second highest bidder, because the highest bidder never paid. It should help the seller too.

  6. Jorge Castro says

    Hi there:

    I like it so much this idea

    Why?. It is because it is not negotiable, ergo do you like the price, then fine, it is the end price. If not, then fine and you could look elsewhere. I have participated in a bunch of auction some prices starts with $50 or some real low price and ends with a lot of money with shill bidding.

  7. Sergey says

    Uni should also offer to the public uncompleted sales within $xxx range as well. Maybe that will bring more $$$ than $xxxx sales.

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